Get Ready for some Hilarious Conversations with a Handsome Hound

Do you channel your dog? That is, do you speak to your dog and then respond as your dog?

In Bedtime with Buster, author Brooks Eason does. And does he ever! In this hilarious, insightful new book, the author and his handsome hound Buster debate a number of existential questions for dogs: Why don’t they live as long as people do? Why don’t they have thumbs? Why can’t mixed-breed dogs compete for Best in Show at Westminster? And what did a hound dog ever do to Elvis?

Buster is both philosopher and humorist, and would be considered both wise and funny if he were a person. For a dog, he’s a doggone genius. Unfortunately, having been told all his life how handsome he is, Buster is also vain. He thinks of himself as a young Sean Connery. When he walks past a mirror, it’s all he can do not to lick the glass.

If you like dogs, funny stories, and great illustrations, you will love Bedtime with Buster. If you have any doubts, just ask Buster. He’ll set you straight.

Bedtime with Buster – Conversations with a Handsome Hound released to retail in hardback, trade paperback, and all major ebook formats on Wednesday, November 25,2020, just in time for Thanksgiving. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

Buster here. I’m the handsome hound in Bedtime with Buster – Conversations with a Handsome Hound, which I’m delighted to announce will be released nationwide in November. Other than the epilogue, Dad a/k/a Brooks Eason wrote the book. But make no mistake – Bedtime is about me! It is filled with my wit and wisdom and astute observations on the human and canine conditions. Dad says I’m a four-legged Mark Twain.

Between the prologue written by Dad and the epilogue written by me, there are thirty conversations between the two of us, all when he tucks me in at night and we have time to talk. Dad and I explore a number of existential questions for dogs in our nightly chats. Bedtime includes more than thirty beautiful illustrations by Atlanta artist and dog lover Robert Fugate, and I’m in every one of them! There are paintings of me sharing a banana split with Dad, walking a tightrope wearing a tutu, topped with a ten-gallon hat riding a Rottweiler, and sporting a tuxedo and having a martini. You know, the usual.

The illustrations are marvelous, if I do say so myself. I’m fact, they’re so terrific that Dad and the publisher decided to release a separate version of Bedtime for children. It’s shorter than the main version, and I toned down my vocabulary – for example, I don’t describe someone who loves only one dog as modogamous. Your kids will love it.

If you like dogs, funny stories, and great illustrations, you will love Bedtime with Buster. If you loved Marley and Me but wished Marley could talk, you will really love Bedtime. If you need an escape and a good laugh as this no-good, miserable, worst-ever year draws to a close, this book is just what the therapist ordered. And if you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for the dog lover in your life, Bedtime is the ticket.

About the Author

Dad and I live in Madison, Mississippi, with his wife/my mom Carrie, a toothless old dog named Maddie, and a wild young cat named Count Rostov a/k/a the Count. Dad wrote two books before this one – Travels with Bobby about hiking trips with his best friend and Fortunate Son, a memoir about his adoption and discovery of his birth mother’s identity. Fortunate Son was nominated for best nonfiction book by a Mississippi author, but it didn’t win because it was not about me.

Visit Dad online at and on Facebook. Visit Robert online at WordCrafts Press is an independent publishing company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit WordCrafts online at