New Play Examines the Conflict Between the pro-Nazi German Christian Faith Movement and the anti-Nazi Confessing Church

WordCrafts Theatrical Press and playwright Rachel Lulich are celebrating the release of Lulich’s debut stage play, The Confessing Church. The play script, which released earlier this year, is available for production by both professional and non-professional theater companies, with performance licensing handled by WordCrafts Theatrical Press.

Set in 1930s Germany, The Confessing Church follows Anja Richter, a young woman who struggles to navigate the rapidly changing world around her. Although her friends, her fiance, and her mother become enamored with the pro-Nazi German Christian Faith Movement, Anja aligns herself with the anti-Nazi Confessing Church. But the price of resistance is high. Can Anja face the consequences of her convictions, or will she drown in the overwhelming sea of Nazi sentiment?

“I wrote the play after a conversation about political division among American Christians, in which someone mentioned the Confessing Church. I did a little research and found the predicament of professing Christians in Nazi Germany a compelling case study for working out one’s faith or worldview in culture and politics. My goal was to represent, through characters and situations based on real people and events, the struggle we all face to live out our beliefs.”

“As theaters begin to reopen after the extended darkening due to Covid-19, we believe The Confessing Church offers a fresh opportunity for theater to do what theater does best, spark worthy conversations among patrons,” says WordCrafts Theatrcial Press publisher, Mike Parker. “Following in the footsteps of such classics as The Diary of Anne Frank and I Never Saw Another Butterfly, we believe The Confessing Church is a powerful story that will resonate strongly with audiences.”

About the Author

Rachel Lulich is a writer, freelance editor, and Air Force veteran. She has a Master’s Degree in Book Publishing from Portland State University, and has edited a number of award-winning books. Lulich has been published in Short and Sweet: A Different BeatThe Upper RoomEvery Day FicitonClarinet News, and GateWorld, and independently publishes a science fiction series. The Confessing Church is her first stage play. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Rachel has lived all over the world, including Germany. She now makes her home in Indiana.