This winter, the days are about to get a lot darker

On Black Friday, November 27, 2020, things are about to get a whole lot darker. That is the release date for The Darkness Within, author Leslie Conner’s highly anticipated sequel to her debut paranormal thriller, Devil’s Charm. Fans can look forward to Detective Lexie Garner’s quest to solve her father’s cold-case murder, while encountering forces of supernatural evil as she investigates the natural evil that mortal men do.

Detective Lexie Garner wandered farther into the forest.

The darkness within seemed to envelop her. Her eyes drifted from left to right, scanning a forest of nearly identical trees. She wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for, but she felt compelled to keep going. The chatter of the CSIs faded to white noise behind her, and she noticed the solitude, the deafening silence. Even in the dead of winter, there should be kind of wildlife. But there was no movement, not a hint of any other living thing in the forest besides herself.

A strange sensation, like an invisible wave, came over her. Something about this place wasn’t right.

“Don’t you think it’s quiet?” she whispered to Jacobs. “Shouldn’t there be some animals? Why aren’t there any here?”

That eerie, unexplainable feeling vibrated through her body. She remembered having the very same experience before. And that feeling… that visceral, gut bad feeling… it was never wrong. She didn’t want to stay in the forest any longer.

But it wasn’t the mountain or the snowfall that made her want to get out of this place. Something was in the forest, lurking within the darkness.

And she could feel it watching her.

About the Author

Leslie Conner is a writer of murder mysteries and “all things macabre.” She has had short stories published in literary journals and anthologies, and you can find her flash fiction story “Murder 101” in The Bookends Review. Her debut novel, Devil’s Charm – A Detective Lexie Garner Novel, was released May 2018 through Wordcrafts Press. The Darkness Within, is the second in the Detective Lexie Garner series.
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