Digital Magazine Covers Author’s Career as a Playwright and Novelist and Highlights her latest Award-Winning Novel, The Carpenter and His Bride.

Acclaimed playwright and award-winning author Paula K. Parker is the featured cover story on the January 2024 issue of Pittsburg Press Magazine. Parker was interviewed by Jacqueline Terrill, the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, for the eight-page story that delved into Parker’s professional journey from writing magazine articles and short sketches, to co-authoring two middle-grade novels with New York Times bestselling author G.P. Taylor, to penning her own award-winning novels and acclaimed stage plays.

“Being interviewed by Pittsburg Press was quite an honor,” Parker said. “But being selected as the cover story was beyond my expectations. Jacqueline was a wonderful interviewer, and the feature story was absolutely beautiful!”

Pittsburg Press Magazine exists to bring avid readers the latest and greatest in the world of books and literature,” Terrill said. “Our team of expert writers and author columnists scour the literary world to showcase the best and brightest authors and their works, and I believe Paula is an author that our readers will want to know about. During our conversations she was so humble and exuded a gentle Christ-like spirit that convinced me she was the perfect choice for the cover of this month’s issue.”

Parker is finding herself increasingly in the media eye, as she has also been tapped as a guest on where she will be interviewed by  host Mark Prasek at 9:00 PM EST on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. While the magazine focused on Parker’s current award-winning novel, The Carpenter and his Bride, the interview will center on this novel as well as her other works, including her work in progress, If I Perish: A Queen’s Sacrifice, a biblical novel about Esther, the Jewish girl who became the Queen a Persia, and in the process saved her people from destruction.

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