For fans of graphic novels and the Word of God comes THE EPIC BIBLE. A collaboration of Kingstone Media Group, Inc and Tyndale House Publishers, this graphic novel version of The Bible releases in hardcover October 6, 2020.


Readers who loved The Action Bible as kids will love THE EPIC BIBLE. With cinematic, full-color art created by some of DC and Marvel’s best comic book artists, ittells the central story of the Bible.

Art Ayris, founder of Kingstone, and his team of Marvel and DC comic book artists have brought together the energy of a graphic novel and the readability of the NLT translation of the Bible. In its 840 colorful pages, and 169 stories, THE GRAPHIC BIBLE covers the central narrative arc of Scripture—from creation to Revelation.

THE EPIC BIBLE is a graphic adaptation of the Bible that attempts to tell the story of the real and true Word of God in serialized art form. Bible references appear at the bottom of each page where there is a direct relation to a Bible verse or story, and the narration and dialogue closely follow the text of the Holy Bible, New Living Translation. The publishers strongly encourage all our graphic-novel readers to read the complete Bible story for themselves.

Regarding this acquisition, associate publisher Linda Howard said, “We are thrilled to be able to publish THE EPIC BIBLE. The graphic novel format brings the Bible to life in a truly engaging way and the illustrations are amazing. We pray this Bible will introduce thousands of new readers to God’s Word.”

Kingstone Comics was born out of founder Art Ayris’ desire to explain scriptural truth and provide healthy entertainment to kids. With this goal in mind, Art and a group of DC and Marvel Comics artists have succeeded in creating the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible to date.

The colorful pictures in THE EPIC BIBLE are skillfully drawn, and the text is respectful to The Bible, carrying readers through the stories of the Old and New Testament. While this is not a substitute for reading The Bible, it is a wonderful introduction for children and for hesitant readers.  My son was a reluctant reader as a child. I wish THE EPIC BIBLE had been available; I know he would have loved it.

Releasing in time for the Christmas shopping season, THE EPIC BIBLE would be a great gift for the graphic novel fans on your gift list.