From Vertical Entertainment Then Came You releases with a special one-night release via Fathom Events on September 30, followed by on-demand and digital release on October 2.

Written by Kathie Lee Gifford and directed by Adriana Trigiani, the film stars Gifford, Craig Ferguson (THE LATE LATE SHOW), Elizabeth Hurley (AUSTIN POWERS) and Ford Kiernan (STILL GAME). It features an original score co-written by Gifford and Brett James and was produced by Kathie Lee Gifford, Matthew T. Weiner and Adriana Trigiani.

About Then Came You

Kathie Lee Gifford is Annabelle, a lonely widow who plans a trip around the world with her husband’s ashes, to visit the places they loved in the movies. During her first stop in Scotland at the beautiful estate she stays in, she meets the innkeeper Howard (Ferguson) who changes her life forever.

Then Came You has great production values. The script is a well-written, heart-felt story from Gifford’s pen. It has natural dialogue and likeable, relatable characters, and floats organically between comedy, anger, and grief. The film also showcases her talents as a singer/songwriter, with some fun tunes and sweet musical moments. It was filmed at several locations in Scotland; the land, the castle, the quaint towns are all breath-taking.

The acting is stellar. Gifford shines as Annabelle, a woman who one moment is embracing the wonder of being a first-time tourist, and the next is dealing with the pain of losing her husband. Ferguson portrays the dour Scottish innkeeper with warmth and humor. He engages this crazy American tourist with tolerance and fun quips. Kiernan portrays Gavin, a whimsical and witty Scott, who cares deeply for his friend Howard. Hurley portrays Clare, Howard’s fiancé, as a wealthy, status-climbing socialite.

Then Came You has two things that keep it from being for the whole family: some language and sexual elements. It is these two aspects that earned the film a PG-13 rating. Granted, the language is not pervasive, and the sex is suggested rather than seen; however, these will keep many parents from choosing this as a family-night flick.



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