Mi5 Recordings / Universal Music Group artist Jeff Senour’s new single, “One Life,” has debuted in the Top 20 on the DRT Global Top 50 Rock Airplay Chart. The song, which entered the chart at #16, is sharing space alongside hit mainstream artists including Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Metallica, and more.

“One Life,” the second single from the Hollywood stunt pilot, award-winning singer-songwriter, and author’s upcoming Mi5 Recordings / Universal Music Group album, Angels and Miracles, follows on the heels of the Top 20 mainstream Rock chart success of Senour’s debut single, “Angels Watching Over Me,” which rose to #13 on the same chart.

“One Life,” an electrifying carpe diem anthem if there ever was one, is produced by Jeremy Parker (Evanescence, Godsmack) and Ted Mason (Peter Gabriel, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, Modern English).

“Jeff Senour is a special artist to me,” says Mi5 Recordings label president Ted Mason. “His music and writing are fantastic, and he has a wonderful sense of empathy and compassion. I love working with his songs and adding my production ideas and guitar riffs to bring a little extra spice into the mix of the personal vision Jeff has created.”

‘One Life’ was inspired by the recognition that each day is a gift,” says Senour. “There are 86,400 seconds in each day. Time is a commodity we can’t buy, sell, manufacture, or give away. We all get the same amount of seconds in each day to choose what we do with that time. This journey of life is such a grand adventure, and hopefully the song will inspire our audience to have gratitude for the gift each day is, use every second wisely, and attempt to make a difference in this world and leave it a better place than when we came into it.”

“Life is like a beautiful flight from takeoff to touchdown, and it’s up to us to decide how we navigate through it as best we can for a smooth landing in the end,” he continues. “It’s not about how big our house is or what kind of car we drive, but the legacy we leave behind, the dash in the middle of the two dates of when we are born to the day we die. ‘One Life’ is about the gift we’ve all been given and how much we appreciate it.”

Senour has also enjoyed an extensive Hollywood movie career.

In multiple blockbuster hits, Senour has flown a state-of-the-art aerial camera platform called Vectorvision as a stunt pilot and aerial coordinator, accumulating screen credits in iconic films including True Lies, Executive Decision, The Silence of the Lambs, Hot Shots, Space Cowboys, and many more, as well as classic TV shows including Murder She Wrote, The Fall Guy, Knight Rider, and more.

He also flew as a Senior Captain for Southwest Airlines, where he won the prestigious Presidents Award and became known as “The Singing Pilot.” All the while, this “pilot by day/rocker by night” had a guitar by his side, often singing for passengers prior to flights and via countless other platforms.

Senour’s vertically-focused journeys have not only made their way into his upcoming album, Angels and Miracles, on Mi5 Recordings / Universal Music Group, but they are also the subject of his recently released book, Life Lessons From 7 Miles High: The View That Captured My Heart.

“Flying has inspired much of my songwriting because of that perspective,” Senour says. “My music has become a ministry to pass on to others. It’s my hope and prayer that it touches many lives.”

Senour, who has performed around the world in venues ranging from The Pentagon to Pearl Harbor to the NAMM music convention main stage, has three acclaimed indie albums under his belt, which have resulted in multiple awards, including the Legacy Of Valor Medal from the Hispanic Medal Of Honor Society, and a Founder’s Award from the Military Writer’s Society, along with two additional awards from that organization: Best Song for “My House” and Best Music Video for “You Won’t Be Forgotten.”

After performing for over 2,000 Gold Star Military families, Senour composed the song “Snowball Express” as the theme song for the Snowball Express charity, now part of The Gary Sinise Foundation’s program of serving the surviving spouses and children of fallen heroes.

“My desire is to have the opportunity to influence people’s lives in a positive way, to inspire them to treat others with kindness, and to adopt a servant’s heart,” sums up Senour. “God wants each of us to have a servant’s heart. It’s a great feeling, and my mission is accomplished if anyone who listens to the music or reads the book takes these ideas away.”