New Romance Novel, Little Reminders of Who I Will Become, Explores Themes of Marital Infidelity, Forgiveness, and Restoration

WordCrafts Press and author Jeff S. Bray are pleased to announce the release of Little Reminders of Who I Will Become, the highly anticipated conclusion to Bray’s contemporary Christian romance series which started with, Little Reminders of Who I Am and continued with Little Reminders of Who I Was.

The third and final installment of Bray’s Little Reminders series follows Stephanie Marshall, the owner of a successful Charlotte, North Carolina, PR firm. She and her staff count some of the biggest names up and down the East Coast as clients. Even though Stephanie finds the writer’s life exciting, she struggles with the monotony of married home life. She finds herself on the precipice of an affair and has determined to take the next step.

But then there is Carter.

As revealed in Little Reminders of Who I Am, the first volume in the series, Carter is a heavenly being assigned to Earth duty, and he has been sent to do what he does best; bring two hearts back together.

Our angelic friend is back to help Stephanie learn three vital lessons about life: one involving her past, one about her present life, and one that will challenge her with the future consequences of the choices she makes today. But will this be enough to save her business and her marriage?

Continuing in the tradition of such classic “angels among us” stories as It’s a Wonderful Life and Angels in the OutfieldLittle Reminders of Who I Will Become is sure to put a smile on readers’ faces, and keep them turning the pages long into the night.

“What an adventure!” author Jeff S. Bray says of penning the conclusion of his well-loved trilogy. “Here I am at the close of a three-year journey and feeling a bit of a loss, like I’m saying goodbye to a dear old friend. That final chapter and those last few words were difficult to pen, and sending Carter Jennings on his… well, you just have to read it to see.

“The Little Reminders series has been such a tremendous part of my life. What was born from a dream became a trilogy that touched the hearts of many. “Dream?” you may ask. “Yes, Little Reminders came to me in a dream about a couple walking down a county fair boardwalk. A coat-and-hatted gentleman was placing knickknacks in the young woman’s path, reminding her of their past together.”

Bray is quick to admit that it wasn’t all a dream. He intertwined his own twin loves of writing and great tasting food to create book one’s hero, Aaron, along with the deli-style restaurant.

“This final novel is the one I have been the most excited about,” Bray muses. “It combines my love of scifi and fantasy, with elements of time and A Christmas Carol blended into the same redemptive message that has been part of each volume in the Little Reminders series. I hope readers fall in love with this final installment of the trilogy as they have the other two in the series. Thank you for joining me in this journey. God bless!”

About the Author

Jeff S. Bray lives in a small town in South Central Texas with his wife Carolyn and two of their five children. They are members of the local First Baptist Church, serving in several capacities, including teaching Sunday School, working with Men’s Ministry, and managing the church’s online presence.

Jeff’s passion for writing began in elementary school with a short story about a lost kitten. His circuitous literary career started with his personal blog, Moments for the Heart, which led to small paid assignments before expanding into magazine articles in national publications.

Jeff is the author of the Little Reminders” trilogy, the contemporary thriller, The Five Barred Gate, the supernatural thriller, The Transference, and the Elissa the Curious Snail_ series of whimsical children’s picture books which help parents introduce basic faith concepts like prayer, even in the face of adversity, into their teachings in a fun and entertaining way.

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