New Devotional Book from Bible Teacher Beverly ND Clopton Tops Amazon New Releases Chart

Author and Bible teacher Beverly ND Clopton is pleased to unveil her new 40-Day Devotional book, Lingering in the Word, which released to retail on January 31, 2024, from WordCrafts Press.

“This devotional seemed a natural response to the times in which I wrote it,” Clopton muses. “The COVID pandemic had revealed our vulnerabilities more than anything else had done in recent times. We were at a loss in understanding how to live, and so we withdrew. We isolated ourselves to avoid a threat we felt we could not control. For people of faith, the one place we knew we could find solace and hope was in God’s holy Word. Voilà! I thought perhaps a dedicated study of selected scriptures over the course of 40 days might be the way to do that.”

Clopton’s collection of 40 daily devotionals proves the value in pulling away and spending time engaged in reflection and meditation. She points to King Solomon and the ancient Israelites as a prime example of finding peace in the midst of extreme trials and daily challenges.

“Upon becoming king, God had granted Solomon the wisdom he had requested,” Clopton explains. “The king knew his people and their tendency to ignore God during periods of prosperity and peace. But the God who created them knew them even better. Their history of vacillation between obedience and disobedience was etched in the chronicles of their existence, and He laid out the conditions they must meet for Him to rescue them when they faced life’s disasters and difficulties. It was as simple then as it is today: God hears and heals when we are humble, when we pray, when we seek his face and we turn from our wickedness.

“My hope was that intense meditation and reflection would strengthen believers as they adjusted to life in a “Good Friday” world.”

Lingering in the Word immediately struck a chord with fans as the title shot up’s Christian Bible Meditations chart reaching Number 1 in Hot New Releases and Number 2 on the chart’s Bestseller list. The title additionally appeared on the online retailer’s Hot New Releases in the Christian Meditation Worship & Devotion, Christian Spiritual Warfare, Personal Growth & Christianity, and Christian Spiritual Growth categories.

About the Author

Beverly ND Clopton, the eldest of nine children, grew up in Dallas and completed her undergraduate studies in the great state of Texas before embarking on a 40-year calling as a professional educator in the Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles public school systems.

Stepping into retirement offered Beverly the opportunity to return to her first loves—the written word and the Word of God. She has since published five books of devotions, including Heaven or Bust: Journey to Glory, Sonshine: Reflections of Faith, Surviving Pitfalls on the Path, Rigors of the Call, Until I Die, and her most recent book, Lingering in the Word.