Pastor-Author-Playwright Ronnie Meek Reveals his Secrets for a Successful Ministry in New Book, A Pastor’s Secrets

Long-time pastor, author, and playwright Ronnie Meek and WordCrafts Press are pleased to unveil his new book, A Pastor’s Secrets, which released to retail on August 22, 2023.

Designed for individuals who are already in a pastoral position, and those who wish to be, Meek has meaningful and practical advice, which often seem both counter-intuitive and at times diametrically opposed to metrics commonly used to measure a “successful” pastorate.

Entrepreneurs may feel called to grow whatever catches their interest, including churches. But Pastors are not called to be entrepreneurs. Pastors are not called to grow the church.

Pastors are called to grow the people.

“The kingdom of darkness rejoices when we turn our focus to anything that competes with Christ for our attention,” Meek boldly declares. “Anything, no matter how important man thinks it is, that competes with Christ for our focus is clearly inferior and not what we have been called to lift up. A pastor’s focus is and always truly must be on Christ.”

“During almost forty years in full time ministry I had countless lunches with pastor friends of all ages and from all over the spectrum of worship styles and doctrinal beliefs,” Meek muses. “Regardless of where one lands on such a spectrum, I have found that the call of a pastor contains essentially the same components and challenges. One pastor friend told me that he retired because he was on his last nerve. We’ve all been there. This book was written to bring a clear vision of the road ahead to those considering becoming a pastor, and to be a source of encouragement to those who are already answering the call.”

About the Author

Author, playwright, and retired pastor Ronnie Meek and his wife Michele travel for inspiration and recreation and enjoy being newlyweds as they explore a later in life marriage. They live in the small community of Arrington, Tennessee, and stay busy with their twenty-two grandchildren and involvement with their local church.

An actor and playwright, Meek has two stage plays to his credit, including: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and The Trouble with Love both available from WordCrafts Theatrical Press.