Historical Novelist Sara Harris Turns to Piracy for her Latest Yarn, “Back from the Dead Red”

Popular historical romance author Sara Harris is thrilled to unveil her latest yarn, a pirate adventure with a twist, Back from the Dead Red. While most often associated with the gentler genre of historical Amish fiction, Sara plunges head-first into 17th century exploits of the infamous female pirate Jacquotte Delahaye, whose legendary exploits included commanding a crew of bloodthirsty buccaneers, relieving the Spanish of control of a small Caribbean island, where she established a freebooter republic, and most famously, faking her own death, hence her nickname, Back from the Dead Red.

It is the middle of the 17th century. London debutante Redella Jerningham is on the way to her wedding in the islands when her schooner is overtaken by Russian Jack and his notorious Black Otter fleet of pirates. In a shocking twist plucked from the pages of history, Jack takes the young girl as his wife—and his equal. Under Jack’s practiced hand, Redella proves her salt in terms of sensuality, cunning ability, savagery—and brutality.

When fate brings The Black Otter into the waters of the infamous Chinese fleet, Russian Jack is tasked with executing his young wife, or facing the blade himself. However, Redella, now known as Back from the Dead Red, does not take matters of love and life lightly. Can one pirate queen survive the unthinkable and return to command her fleet—with or without the man she loves?

“Back from the Dead Red was so much fun to research and write,” Sara declares. “While we rightly think of pirates as being bloodthirsty scalawags, they also lived by their own peculiar code of honor. The buccaneer holds a dark appeal; the danger, the unbridled freedom, the lure of the open sea. As the tagline says, The only thing more dangerous than being captured by a pirate, is falling in love with one.

About The Author:

Sara Harris has journeyed across the world, living everywhere from the majestic Oklahoma plains to the eclectic mountains of Italy—collecting inspiration and rescue animals along the way.

She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Critique Chair of RWA’s Hearts Through History group, Western Fictioneers, West Houston Romance Writers, The Catholic Writer’s Guild, and The Transylvanian Society of Dracula.

Sara currently makes her home in Katy, Texas, where she is pursuing her BSN degree. She has her BA in Medieval European History and is represented by Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency.

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