Business Coach and Author April Ballestero Challenges Readers to Reach Their Highest Potential in New Book “Slaying the Onion”

Business and life coach April Ballestero adds “Author” to her list of accomplishments with the release of her debut book, Slaying the Onion: Unveil the Layers of Your Story to Reach Your Highest Potential, which impacted retail in hardback, trade paperback, and all major ebook formats on October 27, 2021 from WordCrafts Press. “Looking in the mirror is a difficult commitment to make,” Ballestero muses. “We all have created our own jail cells. The Authentic voice and message locked inside those walls will never be heard without first knocking down those walls. This book takes the reader on a personal coaching journey to learn what areas of their life they want to focus on, how to reveal layers in unique exercises, and ultimately create bridges into their own lives and in the lives of others.”

The powerful new book immediately struck a chord with readers and critIcs alike, debuting on multiple Hot New Releases charts, including #17 in Christian Leadership, #22 in Religious Leadership, #66 in Business Mentoring and Coaching, and #93 in Personal Growth and Christianity.

“Not only will you learn a refreshing, fun and comprehensive process of how to run a business, but you will fall in love with the author because of her authenticity and rawness; she is a true leader in the coaching industry,” declared Executive Leadership Coach, Becky Evans.

“I am always looking for fresh material where I can gain insights,” added popular seminar speaker and author Richard Flint, CSP. “When I pick up most books, I scan them and find most are a “rehash” of previous thought, not new challenging content. As I read, Slaying The Onion, I found myself reading and discovering fresh thoughts that made me stop, think and ponder. April has done an excellent job of reaching from her journey to share with us steps that will release us from the prison we make ourselves a hostage to.”

“If you have ever wondered why you sometimes make poor choices, April’s Slaying the Onion will help you discover your hidden drivers,” said Richard Hall of BottomLine Lawyers. “I have known April for several years and have worked with her both individually and with my team. She has consistently delivered amazing insight, inspiration, guidance and value. This book will enable you to also benefit from her skills and expertise.”

David R. Gregory, News Director/News Anchor at radio station 103.9 The Fish, agrees. “Having just tasted a small slice of what was written [in Slaying the Onion] I saw the truth in your words without a sliver of mumbo-jumbo. You explained it all so well that even a knucklehead could understand. Thank you, April, for your hard work and dedication to helping others, myself included.”

“Looking back on my life, I realize that some of my biggest mistakes were made through naivety and a lack of honesty with myself,” said Dr. Craig von Buseck, Managing Editor, In Slaying the Onion, leadership coach April Ballestero provides the tools and motivation to aid in honestly peeling back the layers of life in order to escape our self-created jail cells. With wisdom and gentleness, April guides the reader to discover the keys to unlock each layer of the onion-and ultimately, to escape the jail cell and experience true freedom.”

About the Author

April Diana Jean Ballestero—author, coach, consultant, guide—secured her Masters degree in Biblical Leadership and her Bachelors degree in Vocational Education. She is Habit Finder certified from Og Mandino Leadership, Abelson DISC certified, is a Master Graduate from Rapport Leadership International, and previously served as Regional Occupational Teacher at San Juan School District for a real estate course.

April’s majority focus for the last three decades has been and continues to be empowering, inspiring, and guiding light bulb moments.

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