Popular middle grade author Abby Rosser is celebrating the release of her new novel, Hope, which officially released to retail on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, from WordCrafts Press. The sequel to Rosser’s 2018 middle grade novel, Believe, the kindle version of Hope has already climbed to the Number 52 position on Amazon.com’s Hot New Releases chart in the Children’s Fantasy & Magic Adventure category. It is once again time for Dooley Creed to save the day! If he can only learn to Hope.

“After creating the character of Dooley Creed in Believe, he’s become more and more real to me,” muses author Abby Rosser. “I find myself feeling anxious for him, and proud of him, and definitely rooting for him. In the sequel, Hope, Dooley has more confidence, but he discovers he still needs to rely on others. When I started writing Hope, I knew I wanted to teach Dooley (and to remind myself) how important it is to remain hopeful even when things look bleak. I hope readers will enjoy seeing Dooley grow and learn what it means to be a good friend, a problem-solver and a person with an imagination as large as Smitty, the Lake Monster.”

Don’t stand up in a canoe.
Never irritate the Lake Monster.
And above all… Remember the Fibonacci Sequence!

Dooley Creed was a nobody in Boston. But now that his family has moved to Peacock Valley, Minnesota, Dooley Creed has discovered that he is someone special.

Dooley Creed has fought a Valkyrie.
Dooley Creed has outwitted a Viking.
But Dooley Creed is about to face his greatest challenge yet.
Dooley Creed is going to Summer Camp!

When Dooley’s best friend, Cyrano Mulligan, told him about Camp Pukwudgee, the camp for magically gifted kids, Dooley couldn’t believe his luck—a whole camp filled with kids like him! How cool is that? But it doesn’t take long before a new mystery launches Dooley Creed into another adventure.

Shape-shifters, legendary creatures, and a ghost girl only he can see? Once again it’s up to Dooley Creed to save the day! But first, Dooley must learn to… Hope.