From internationally-know children’s author Bob Hartman, and illustrated by Steve Brown, come Books 5 and 6 in his Clever Cub Bible Stories series. Releasing February 1 from publisher David C. Cook are Clever Cub Learns about Love and Clever Cub and the Easter Surprise.

Clever Cub Learns about Love

Mama Bear teaches Clever Cub there are many ways to say, “I love you!” as she tells him the story of Moses’s mommy, who loved Moses so much that she put him in a basket on the river to keep him safe. (from Exodus 1 and 2)

Clever Cub and the Easter Surprise

Papa and Mama Bear tell Clever Cub the exciting story of Easter morning when Jesus Christ rose from the dead and gave us the best surprise of all. (from Matthew 28)

These books are part of the delightful and affordable 16-book Clever Cub Bible Stories series of picture books geared to little ones ages three to six years old. Turning reading time into a faith-building adventure, Clever Cub is a curious little bear who loves to cuddle up with the Bible and learn about God. Each book reminds children of their own part in God’s story.

An ordained minister, Bob Hartman knows how to introduce young children to stories from the Bible. He is the author of the YouVersion Bible App for Kids Bible Stories, which has been downloaded 75 million times. Hartman presents the stories and biblical truths in an easy-to-understand way, including stories that have sad or scary events, such as slavery or death.

Steve Brown’s delightful illustrations are colorful and vibrant. Children will enjoy looking at the pictures of Clever Bear, his Mama and Papa, and his friends Lizzy the lizard and Fred the bunny, who join in on the storytelling.

Each book in the Clever Cub Bible Stories ends with questions about the story’s theme and ideas for learning more in the Bible. As a part of the series, David C. Cook offers helpful resources and downloadable content available for parents and adults to share with children, including free Clever Cub coloring pages, animated story videos narrated by Hartman, and more ‘freebies’ available through signing up for email updates at