Dream is the Fourth Volume in the Popular Adventures of Dooley Creed Series

Popular middle grade author Abby Rosser is celebrating her birthday by announcing the release of Dream, the newest installment in her popular Adventures of Dooley Creed series of middle grade novels. Dream, officially released to retail on Saturday, April 2, 2024, from WordCrafts Press. Dooley Creed’s latest adventure, which follows in the footsteps of his earlier novels, Believe, Hope and Remember, is already a hit with fans, debuting on multiple Amazon.com charts, including:

#47 Hot New Releases – Teen & Young Adult Magical Realism Fiction
#89 Hot New Releases – Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

#18 Hot New Releases – Teen & Young Adult Historical Mysteries & Thrillers
#30 Hot New Releases – Teen & Young Adult Magical Realism eBooks
#55 Hot New Releases – Teen & Young Adult Magical Realism Fiction

Dooley Creed must save the citizens of Peacock Valley from the nefarious plans of The Shadow Peddler. But to succeed he’ll need help from his Dream Team of friends

“In the four books of The Adventures of Dooley Creed series, we’ve watched twelve-year-old Dooley grow and transform significantly,” says Amazon.com bestselling author Abby Rosser. “In Believe, the first installment of his story, Dooley went from thinking that he had nothing special to offer to battling an evil Valkyrie with the help of his next-door neighbors. Then at summer camp in Hope, he broadened his understanding of this new world of charms and powers alongside other magically-gifted kids. In Remember, the third book, Dooley started a new school where he had to stumble and fall before he possessed the tools to help someone else rise up. Now, in Dream, Dooley will struggle with recognizing who he really is. He’ll question not only his power but the very foundation of what he knows to be true about himself. Dooley will learn from a most unlikely source how ridiculous it is to give nothing, yet expect the world in return. Oh, and he’ll do my favorite thing—he’ll get lost in a book!”

“In a Wonderland they lie,
dreaming as the days go by,
dreaming as the summers die.
Ever drifting down the stream.
Lingering in the golden gleam.
Life, what is it but a dream?”

The air had turned frigid, as it was wont to do in January in Peacock Valley, Minnesota. But it wasn’t the cold that sent a shiver down Dooley Creed’s spine. It was the recurring dreams his friend Fiona had confided in him. They somehow seemed to be more than dreams… more than nightmares. They seemed to be, well, prophetic.

Dooley Creed was a nobody in Boston. He thought he was even more of a nobody when his family moved to Peacock Valley, Minnesota. But Dooley Creed discovered he is something special. Dooley Creed has powers. And he is not the only one.

Dooley Creed has defeated a Valkyrie.
Dooley Creed has survived Summer Camp.
Now Dooley Creed has faced Middle School.
But if Dooley Creed is to once again save the day, he’ll need to confront what dreams may come.

About Abby Rosser

Abby Rosser makes her home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with her husband and four kids.

When she’s not writing, Abby enjoys reading, watching movies, baking (and eating) desserts and being outside…but not all at the same time. And she loves imagining stories (often when’s she’s doing most of the above).

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