I have a confession. I love pasta. At any one point, I have over two dozen boxes of different types of pasta in my kitchen. While I love pasta, it can be messy to eat, especially if it is served on a dinner plate, where the pasta and sauce can slip off the edge of the plate.

I also love salads. I eat a big, meal-size salad five days out of seven. Like pasta, big salads can be messy, especially with my homemade vinaigrette on top.

I recently had pasta with pomodoro sauce at a new Italian restaurant. The meal was served in a large bowl. Not only did it look pretty, but the bowl also kept the pasta and sauce contained and protected my clothing from spills.

The next day, I began searching for a pasta/meal bowl. I ended up ordering a set of 4 white pasta/meal bowls from Yedio. After several uses, I am sold!

About this item

  • Multifunctional White Bowls: These porcelain pasta bowls are not only suitable for pasta, salad, but also for oatmeal, snacks, soup and popcorn. This size is perfect for family dinners, food storage, restaurant service or holiday gifts.
  • Practical and Minimalist Design: These shallow pasta bowls are truly pure white and scratch-resistant. There is also a practical size design: Diameter: 8.66”, Height:2.24”, Maximum capacity: 38 oz
  • Professional Porcelain Production: These white pasta bowls are made from unleaded soil of green environmental protection, which are enable the porcelains to be much safer and healthier, sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to clean & Space Saving: The porcelain pasta bowls have a smooth surface that makes them easy to clean, and it also supports dishwasher cleaning. It can stack evenly, which can save a lot of space in your kitchen.
  • The white pasta bowls are made of durable materials, you can safely use them in Microwave, Ovens, Freezer, and Dishwashers. Please note that it is best to wear gloves when taking out from the oven and microwave.

My Thoughts

These bowls are big enough for a meal-sized salad or a serving of pasta and sauce. They would also be useful as a serving bowl for mashed potatoes, mac-and-cheese, bread, vegetables, popcorn, and other food items.

They are pretty and have a good feel to them. Because they are design-free, they go well with my white porcelain dishes. Their simple design would allow them to go with other dish patterns.

They have not stained—even with the pasta sauce—and clean easily. I do not use a dishwasher, so I cannot speak to their being dishwasher safe. I have not used them in the microwave, but probably will do that at some point.

If you are looking for a pasta/meal bowl, I recommend Yedio. They can be purchased online, along with other porcelain items from their line.