Bonai 16+2 bay battery charger for NiMH rechargeable batteries, with smart LCD display and AC wall adapter charges, is a great choice for quickly charging AA/AAA/9V batteries

In this day and age, most people have some item that requires AA, AAA, or 9V batteries; many people have multiple such items. In my home, besides television remote controls, we also have 14 battery-operated candles. All but two of these items call for more than one battery, which means I use 30 plus batteries on a continuing basis. Rather than buy disposable batteries, I invested in rechargeable batteries. While they save money, recharging them took time, especially when the charger would only hold four batteries.

I finally decided to look into purchasing a charging station that held more than a few batteries. After looking at different battery chargers, I purchased the Bonai 16+2 bay battery charger for NiMH rechargeable batteries.

About the item:

  • Suitable for Battery Recharging: AA/AAA 1.2V Ni-MH, NI-CD rechargeable batteries and 9V batteries. It CAN NOT charge 3.7V Lithium Batteries and 1.5V Lithium AA/AAA Batteries. Discharge function is unavailable
  • Independent Battery Charger: Bonai smart battery charger offers 16+2 individual charging slot, allowing you to charge any combination of 1-16pcs AA/AAA NIMH NI-CD and 9V rechargeable batteries, NOT necessarily to charge in pairs
  • Large Smart LCD Screen -The easy to read LCD display on this rechargeable battery charger shows the charging status of each battery and intelligently identify defective batteries and non-rechargeable batteries
  • Smart Charge Tech Ensure Safety – Built-in Smart Technology provides full protection against overcharging, overheating, short-circuiting, over-current, and reverse-polarity on the NiMH/NlCD battery charger
  • High-Precision Four-Stage Intelligent Charging Control: pre-charging, quick charging, floating charging and trickle charging give you safety assurance. Battery detection technology, Over-heat, over-current and short-circuit protection.
  • Warranty: 12 Months after-sale services

My Thoughts:

From the first use, I was pleased with the efficiency of this product.

One major plus is that I could charge from one to sixteen batteries. After I inserted each battery into its slot and plugged the charger into the A/C wall outlet, the LCD screen lit up, showing the present charge of each battery. It blinked to indicate the level of the battery not fully charged, was solid when the battery was fully charged, and showed an empty/non-flashing battery if it was dead.

The length of time to charge the batteries depended on the level of the battery’s charge. Some batteries charged in less than an hour, others took longer. I would periodically check the charging station, changing out the fully charged batteries for batteries that needed to be charged. All-in-all, it took no more than half a day to charge all 30+ batteries.

I do not have items requiring a 9V battery, so I do not know how that feature works on this station.

Since November 2022, I have used this charging station several times a month. I have never had any problem and consider it a great buy.

The Bonai 16+2 bay battery charger for AA/AAA/9V NiMH rechargeable batteries, with smart LCD display and AC wall adapter can be purchased from several online retailers.