Colorfully Constructed Offers Readers the Validation for Embracing Their Unique Personality Traits

Conference speakers and authors Debbie Mankin, Rhonda Beckham, Cindy Patton, and Dr. Tiffany Rogers are celebrating the release of their inspirational new book, Colorfully Constructed: How God Builds His Kingdom with Unique Personality Colors, which released to retail this month in hardback, trade paperback, and all major ebook formats from WordCrafts Press. The title immediately resonated with readers, debuting at Number 5 on’s Hot New Releases chart in the online retailer’s Christian Business and Professional Growth category, and also impacted Amazon’s Hot New Releases charts in the general market Business Motivation & Self-Improvement and Motivational Management & Leadership charts.

Colorfully Constructed: How God Builds His Kingdom with Unique Personality Colors begins with a simple, yet profound, observation: God made you to be unique.

He hand-selected every aspect of your personality as a way of equipping you with the tools you need to complete the mission He has prepared for you. But sometimes those personality traits can be ignored, misunderstood, or even underutilized. What God intended to be your strength can be perceived as a weakness which could hinder your abilities. When you gain a better understanding of the unique personality traits God has given to you and to those around you, then you can more effectively impact the world for the Kingdom.

Inside Colorfully Constructed you will find:

An easy-to-understand explanation of the four personality colors.
A simple tool used to identify those colors in yourself and others.
Personal examples written from the perspective of each color.
And the value of personality diversity in Kingdom work.

“After completing a Living Color Conference, our color team was asked, Do you have something in writing?” says co-author Rhonda Beckham of the team’s decision to create a companion book for the conference. “Participants wanted to take the information with them and use it in their own life environments. We began to think about putting together our ideas and writing a book. I was totally on board with this because it is just cool to write a book, but more importantly I believe the information that is found in this book is life changing and needs to be read.”

“Readers should be able to identify the dominant characteristics of each personality color and recognize what their color is as well as the colors of those around them,” adds co-author Debbie Mankin. “With this knowledge, we hope the readers can learn that each personality color is called by God to use the unique abilities given to them to accomplish great things in the Kingdom.”

“Our Living Color conferences are geared toward promoting personal interactions and relationships,” co-author Cindy Patten explains. “This book is a tool to allow the reader to gain a basic understanding of personality colors, even if they’ve not attended a conference.”

“We wrote Colorfully Constructed to be a validation to each of us who find ourselves feeling like we are different from others,” co-author Dr. Tiffany Rogers sums up. “At the same time it is an encouragement to those who may find themselves confused or frustrated by those around them who behave or think differently. Within the pages of this book we offer a clear explanation of our different personality colors and the value of having multiple personalities working together. We hope readers will identify the beautiful spectrum of personality colors that God created and the value of being in a community of diverse personalities.”

About the Authors

Utilizing a collective 57 years in the education field and over 125 years of marriage, Rhonda Beckham, Debbie Mankin, Cindy Patton, and Dr. T. D. Rogers have drawn from their experiences to explain why each personality color has specific defining characteristics. They formed the Living Color team in 2019 after developing their own original assessment and materials. Traveling throughout the Southeastern United States, they share their insights on how each personality color can relate to what God is calling everyone to do in His Kingdom.

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