New Devotional Serves as Companion to McKinney’s Amazon Bestseller, Deconstructing a Disciple’s Doubt

Multi-award winning singer/songwriter/recording artist, Dr. Jason Lee McKinney, and WordCrafts Press are pleased to announce the release of Devotions for Deconstructors, Disciples, and Doubters, a devotional companion to McKinney’s bestseller, Deconstructing a Disciple’s Doubt.

Perhaps better known as the founder and frontman for the celebrated Americana roots band that shares his name, McKinney has spent much of his professional life cementing a name for himself and The Jason Lee McKinney Band in the competitive world of modern-day roots music, resulting in a collection of national and international tours, a number of industry awards, and worldwide recognition including a Josie Music Award for Male R&B Vocalist of the Year in 2019, an R&B/Soul Entertainer of the Year in 2021, and an Independent Country Music Association award for Artist of the Year in 2014.

Ironically, it was Jason’s independent artistic creativity that drove him to pursue multiple academic degrees, including a BA in Management, an MBA, an MA in Philosophy and Apologetics, and an Ed.D in Leadership and Professional Practice.

“I have spent most of my adult life working in the creative realm as a songwriter and performer,” Jason muses. “We creatives tend to wonder and wander. We are natural rebels who buck against trend and trite. We approach the well-worn and trodden paths with suspicion. All humans ask the big questions, but songwriters hold a mirror of the big questions back at humanity. I have both picked the big questions apart and been paralyzingly plagued by them. Art articulates the soul, and music muses on the meaning of life. Philosophy is intrinsic to the songwriter, I just decided to expand my philosophical positing and prose beyond the confines of three-minute rhythm and rhyme.”

“I can say it is truly my mission to provide safety for those who doubt their faith, who are deconstructing part or all of their worldview,” Jason said. “Particularly for those who come from a church background. Jesus didn’t turn away his own cousin, the very cousin who pronounced to the world that he was the Messiah, but instead reassured him. In other words Jesus made it safe to ask questions and pull apart beliefs. God is the God of reason and critical thinking. He is also the God of the hurting and heartbroken. I hope this book has something for both categories and all the categories in between.”

Devotions for Deconstructors, Disciples, and Doubters

Jason was recently featured on the popular podcast, Success Made to Last Legends, where he was interviewed by host Rick Tocquigny.

“We enjoyed a very in-depth conversation with Jason, stirring up the heart and soul around the most significant of topics—our faith walk,” Tocquigny declared. “As Jason said, the next generation needs to head in the right direction and be careful of how we disconstruct and discern the truth, and that isn’t coming from ad hoc academia.”

“I had a great time on the Success Made to Last podcast,” Jason added. “Rick’s questions were deep and open ended which left room for us to explore the space of doubt and faith. Rick has a curious mind and a heart for God. It was a pleasure to get to talk with him. I truly hope listeners are challenged and encouraged by the episode.”

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About The Author

Dr. Jason Lee McKinney is a professor, internationally touring singer, multiple award-winning songwriter and recording artist, and lay philosopher. Dr. McKinney holds a BA in Management, an MBA, an MA in Philosophy and Apologetics, and an Ed.D in Leadership and Professional Practice. Dr. McKinney resides in Nashville with his wife Summer (a therapist and author) and eight-year old son Kai (a drum phenom). The McKinneys also have two grown sons—Zeke (a recording artist for Tooth & Nail records) and Zion (a worship leader at LifePoint church), one grown daughter, Zakyra (who is studying to be a theater teacher) and one daughter-in-law, Juliana (a middle school choir director and wife to Zion).

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