Miss Teen Universe USA Joins MOA Music for Music Video in Support of Upcoming Action Thriller CYBERKILL

Celebrated singer/songwriter/producer Juan Camilo Delgado Ramirez, founder of the global musical multi-cultural project MOA Music, has collaborated with actress, singer, dancer, songwriter and 2020’s Miss Teen Universe USA, Maria Gabriela Escudero Suarez, to produce the radio single and music video, “Keep Dancing.” The song has been tapped as the theme song for the upcoming action thriller feature about an AI Assassin, CYBERKILL, which is currently in development.

“We hope you enjoy our movie music video for “Keep Dancing,” said Escudero. “We are excited to be part of the CYBERKILL soundtrack and encourage our fans to learn more about the film and support its development through the CYBERKILL crowd funding campaign.”

Juan Camilo’s 2020 single “Dejame Besarte” launched him in the Top 20 songs Most-Listened-To In Russia, while his 2020 single “Sola“ soared to TikTok fame with more than 500,000 plays globally. His inspired fans create dance videos to his music and share them throughout the world.

Maria Gabriela Escudero, known professionally as Gaby, was born in Venezuela and immigrated to the United States with her parents to pursue new life opportunities. A rising star model, Escudero won the title of Miss Teen Universe South Carolina before being crown Miss Teen Universe USA 2020, eventually ascending to First Runner-Up in the 2020 Miss Teen Universe competition. In addition to her work on “Keep Dancing, she has appeared in numerous commercials, print advertisements, and musical videos.

Fans can check out the music video from Moa Music featuring Gaby online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuC_kqrFovA

Links: @MOAMusica https://cyberkillmovie.com

Based on the acclaimed novel by author Frank F. Fiore, CYBERKILL asks the question: “What do you do when an evolved artificial intelligence agent will stop at nothing to get what it wants?”

Reeling from the loss of his wife, Travis Cole leaves a promising career at MIT to move to Washington DC with his young daughter, Shannon, to start life anew, only to become a target of the very artificial intelligence he made his career creating. As the AI stalks Shannon and threatens cyberterrorism on a global level, Travis races against the clock to get to the bottom of a cyber warfare plot bent on controlling and destroying humanity at will.

Expertly weaving suspense, love, psychology, abandonment, and revenge into an action-packed thriller fueled by conspiracy theories and advanced AI technology, CYBERKILL hits close to home in just how real it feels.