Flowers, hearts, and chocolate; February is the season of love and romance. If you enjoy innocent family-friendly movies, then check out UPtv’s lineup of rom-com’s, beginning with Mr. Write. Premiering Sunday, Feb 2, and starring Charlotte Sullivan, Corey Sevier, Christie Laing, Colin Lawrence, Brittney Wilson, Mr. Write a story of second chances in life and love.

About Mr. Write

Dori (Sullivan) is a junior editor at a publishing house. During a production meeting, her boss announces that their popular romance novelist Michael Rothchild (Sevier) is not fulfilling his part of their contract and suggests they release him. Shocked, Dori defends her favorite writer and ends up being assigned to edit Rothchild’s newest novel, with a deadline just days before Dori’s own wedding. Dori’s first meeting with Rothchild is a disaster. The novelist is nowhere near finished with the manuscript and, what is worse, she learns he doesn’t even believe in true love. But whatever his believes on love, she is determined to light a fire under the novelist and finish her job. However, when Dori’s own romance falls apart, it’s Michael who works to renew her belief in love.

Dori’s co-worker and friend Pamela (Laing) has her own problems with love; commitment terrifies her. Which is not a problem for Tim (Lawrence), the guy Pamela has been dating. He is a strong, kind, funny guy who cares about Pamela and is optimistic that he can win her heart.

Mr. Write has many strong points. The production values are good, and the acting is first-rate. Sevier is believable as an arrogant writer who has loads of talent and knows it. Sullivan portrays Dori as a strong young professional woman who is determined to corral Rothchild’s talent and get the manuscript finished, all the while struggling with handling the myriad of details from her own impending wedding. Laing and Lawrence as Pamela and Tim are fun to watch.

The weak link in the production is the script. It is peppered with many plot holes and several “Oh, come on!” moments.

While the film suggests that Rothchild is a party animal, there is no drinking, no language, and nothing beyond a few kisses, making Mr. Write a good choice for viewers of all ages.

Mr. Write premiers on UPtv Sunday, February 2, at 7 PM (Eastern).