Author KL Palmer Celebrates Re-release of her Contemporary Fiction Novella, 27 Words

Author KL Palmer is celebrating the re-release of her poignant contemporary fiction novella, 27 Words, which is available at retail today, Wednesday, August 31, 2022, in hardback, trade paperback, and all major ebook formats from WordCrafts Press. Palmer originally self-published the novella in 2017 under the name of KL Collins, then in 2018 signed with WordCrafts Press to bring her new and backlist titles to a fresh audience. 27 Words is the third of Palmer’s works to be republished under the WordCrafts Press imprint, following in the footsteps of her romance novel, Pipe Dream, and and her end-of-days thriller, The Endurants.

“KL came to WordCrafts Press a couple of years ago as an accomplished romance author,” says WordCrafts Press publisher, Mike Parker. “After the release of her novel, Pipe Dream, we knew we wanted to be the publishing home for all of her works. Of course, we were expecting more contemporary romance. We didn’t expect her to be adept at writing speculative apocalyptic fiction. But boy, did she deliver a thrilling, and incredibly timely, story with The Endurants! Now, with 27 Words, a poignant contemporary novella that tackles prickly issues like bullying, self-harm, and foster care, it is clear she has a gift for storytelling that crosses multiple genres.”

“I never stop writing,” Palmer says of her cross-genre approach to her craft. “At any given time I have ideas flowing for one of approximately 12 other books I’ve started, so lookout for the next one to drop!” Regarding 27 Words she adds, “I’d also like to let people know that they aren’t alone if they feel depressed or suicidal. Help is a text or phone call away. The number is 9-8-8 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, a United States-based suicide prevention network of over 160 crisis centers that provides 24/7 service via a toll-free hotline.”

From the Novel

Lily Calhoun was the girl who seemed to have everything, or at least everything that mattered. Happily married to a handsome and caring husband, mother to a delightful, precocious little girl, working in a career that was fulfilling on both a personal and professional level, she often found herself speaking at high school and middle school assemblies in auditoriums packed with students.

Today was special. Today she was speaking at her old alma mater. When the young principal introduced her, she stepped up to the podium, smiled, took a deep breath and began.

“Hello everyone. My name is Lily Calhoun.
I was born 27 years ago. This is my hometown.
When I was 17 years old, I tried to kill myself.
I failed.

This is my story.”

About the Author

KL Palmer calls herself the working mother’s author. Even though she hasn’t (yet) written a book on how to be a better mom, or how to incorporate your personal life into your long work day; she did follow her dream and write a novel—or five. She hopes to inspire other working moms to write, or follow their dreams wherever they lead, and not give up.

One thing that sets her apart from other authors is her propensity to write what she calls break chapters—chapters short enough to take a bathroom break, commercial break, or smoke break away from life, with each averaging just two to three pages. She wants to bring reading back into the lives of busy people; to show that you can, in fact, enjoy a book and take time for yourself; and do so with the limited and precious spare time you have.

Born and raised in a quiet Amish-surrounded community in Pennsylvania, she now resides in Tennessee with her family. In addition to being employed full time in a corporate real estate position, Palmer remains passionate about her church and her writing. She jokes that her mind never shuts off. Even in the most inopportune time she’s jotting down ideas for the next manuscript. Just don’t tell her boss!