Author Hallie Lee Celebrates Release of Wolfheart, the Highly Anticipated Follow-up to her Bestselling Debut Novel, Paint Me Fearless bestselling author Hallie Lee is celebrating the unveiling of her new novel, Wolfheart, which released to retail Wednesday, October 6, 2021, in hardback, trade paperback, and all major ebook formats from WordCrafts Press. The highly anticipated second volume in The Shady Gully Series, the paperback version of Wolfheart climbed to the Number 2 spot on’s Hot New Releases chart in the Contemporary Christian Fiction category, while the hardback settled into the Number 5 position alongside novels by perennial bestselling authors Karen Kingsbury, Randy Alcorn, and Charles Whitlow.

 The morning after a torrential storm upends Shady Gully, its citizens wake to the news that Wolfheart’s beloved sister, Peony, has been brutally murdered. Revered as the Creek’s best healer, and adored by the folks in Shady Gully proper, Peony’s death rattles the community.

Desi and Lenny’s oldest son, Luke, dashes to the scene to help, and comes face to face with Bella, Wolfheart’s stunningly beautiful great-niece, and the product of Shady Gully’s most notorious scandal.

When Wolfheart stumbles onto the crime scene covered in blood, unapologetic and evasive, the newly appointed Sheriff Rick proceeds cautiously, as he’s mindful of the intense feelings Wolfheart evokes within the town. Extremes on both sides erupt when another body is uncovered, and soon Shady Gully explodes in chaos and violence.

As the fates of these three uncompromising and principled men collide, Desi and Robin, the beloved protagonists from Paint Me Fearless, find themselves smack dab in the middle of the hullabaloo.

When Wolfheart is finally led away in handcuffs, he has only one thought. How can he protect his niece and her daughter from the same fate as his sister?

“In the early chapters of Paint Me Fearless, Brad Wolfheart was nothing more than a peripheral character, a dastardly villain created merely to challenge my protagonists, Desi and Robin,” author Hallie Lee muses. “But I grew fond of him. I started seeing him as this intriguing multi-dimensional rogue. By the middle of the book, he’d evolved. By the end of the book, he became almost noble. And eventually, he insisted on his own book.”

“To his credit, Wolfheart was the reason Shady Gully became a series,” Hallie continues. “Here was this guy, tall and handsome, mysterious, sullen with a huge chip on his shoulder. Born on the wrong side of the creek, he was caught in a hopeless pattern of self-destruction. Late in Paint Me Fearless, during an especially poignant conversation with Desi, she asks him: “How’d you get into this? You’ve been doing…what you do, as long as I’ve known you.”

“He lets out a soft roll of laughter and says: “I guess I never had anybody tell me I could do anything different.””

“Right then I decided I’d write his story. I’d show Brad Wolfheart that he could do something different. Everyone, even the likes of this scoundrel from across the creek in Shady Gully, is redeemable. And that’s what Wolfheart is—a story of redemption.

Wolfheart is an amazing follow-up novel to a stunning debut,” says WordCrafts Press publisher Mike Parker. “Hallie created the Mayberry-esque community of Shady Gully in Paint Me Fearless, then pulled back the curtain to show that even Mayberry has a dark underbelly. In Wolfheart, she turns the story on its head, and looks at the idyllic small town from the perspective of the denizens of the wrong side of the tracks, or in this case the wrong side of the creek. Friendship, betrayal, faith, redemption all show up in the most unlikely of places… and extend to the most unlikely of characters. Wolfheart is one more reason readers will want to visit Shady Gully again.”

About the Author

Born and raised in Louisiana, Hallie Lee’s screenplays and books are inspired by the southern landscape, which she says is “rich with cantankerous, salt of the earth folks destined to be on the page.”

She and her family, furry kids included, now live in the hills of Kentucky, near Lexington. At the moment, she’s gathering research as she prepares for her daughter’s wedding. Yes, readers will be invited to a Big Shady Gully wedding in the very near futurel

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