Author April Poynter Unveils Joy-filled, Eyes-Wide-Open Memoir, Lean In: Chasing the Sunset

Author April Poynter has unveiled her new poignant, yet life-affirming memoir, Lean In: Chasing the Sunset, which released on December 29, 2022, from WordCrafts Press in hardback, trade paperback, and all major ebook formats. An unfiltered look at dealing with the day-in, day-out process of walking alongside a dying parent, Lean In addresses love, loss, gain, grief, joy, and many other aspects of the human experience. In the author’s terminology, dark and light contrast to create something stunning—such as a sunset—that cannot occur in any other way than for those two powerful, unyielding forces to collide.

“When I found out my father had cancer, I immediately started to write,” April muses. “I felt compelled to document as much as I could regarding my dad’s experiences, my feelings, the grief of our family, and any other thing that words could express or help process.”

A firm believer that nothing in life is wasted, April insists that although we can’t always control our circumstances, we can choose how we will live regardless of those circumstances.

“My dad displayed such bravery as he embarked on the ultimate journey,” she continues. “He was a private man, not someone who would have his words marked in a book. However, upon his cancer diagnosis, my dad evolved from an apathetic, close-minded, set-in-his-ways person to someone who was filled with wonder, adventure, and zeal for life. His diagnosis of death became his ticket to life.”

Knowing her dad’s time was limited and fleeting, April committed to document the journey—in part to help her hold on to her dad a bit longer, but also to share the journey with others.

“I wanted people to know that they were not alone. I wanted them to feel something beyond just deep grief. Yes, grief is part of the journey, but I wanted them to see the beauty in the midst of the pain. I wanted to encourage them to lean in and allow themselves to have the full experience. I wanted to challenge people to look at the shadows from a different perspective; to find beauty in dark places. And I wanted—if possible—to help ease this difficult path for others. I also wanted to honor my dad. A man of few words but of great power, he deserved to have a book written about him.”

From the Book:

When my dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, I had already been on a journey of change for a couple of years—a journey that was far from complete. I was waking up to who I am. Old ideals were falling off, and this new concept of who I am was finding me.

But not as if I was discovering some new person. It’s more like I was finding my way back home—if that makes sense.

A returning of sorts.

Walking with my dad through his cancer journey brought me face to face with what life really is all about—or what I think it’s about—and it enriched the path of self-discovery I had already embarked upon.

I’m sure I’ll continue to explore and learn more throughout my days. I’ll have other experiences of mortality in the future. But there are certain truths and lessons that only find us when we are walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

These words you are about to read are how I grieved.

“There is something compelling about the dynamics of family and friendships when they are put under enormous pressure,” muses WordCrafts Press publisher, Mike Parker. “Like minerals, they either fragment into silt and shifting sand, or they metamorph into something rare and beautiful like a diamond or sapphire. Hallie Lee has the remarkable ability to turn up the heat on her characters, and as in nature, whatever is hidden inside is eventually revealed. And that makes for compelling storytelling.”

About the Author

April Poynter is a writer, Certified Life Coach, and Corporate Executive. Shel is passionate about helping others to explore their thoughts, behaviors and patterns that rob them of their true potential.

In 2019, she founded Blushing Phoenix, an organization for erythrophobia and chronic blushing awareness and support. She has been able to help thousands of people from all over the world navigate their own journey toward overcoming negative thoughts and self-talk regarding blushing.

April is also passionate about women in the workplace being recognized for their efforts and having a voice in the room. In October 2020, she was featured in Fortune Magazine regarding “Living Your Truth in the Workplace.” The article speaks to opportunities for women who have chosen the corporate path and how April is helping to create a work culture that elevates women and promotes authenticity among every employee without reprimand, calling all people in her organization to be just that—who they are, fully.

She lives in Middle Tennessee with her husband and three children.