Homebound Families Around the World Can View the Computer-Animated Version of THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS in English, Spanish, Farsi, Urdu, Bengali, Mandarin, Korean, Tamil, and Nepali.

As families around the world are struggling to find ways to find entertainment that is faith-affirming, entertaining, and educational, Revelation Media, iBIBLE, Summit Ministries, and group of generous sponsors are continuing to share the story of THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS are continuing to expand their free streaming opportunities. Starting today, April 8, the beloved classic will be available to be streamed free of charge in 8 additional languages at http://watchpilgrims.com

Since the free streaming launch began in mid-March, over 155,000 families have registered to view the English-language version of the beloved classic story. Additionally, many of these families have become self-made ambassadors for the film by encouraging others in their community to take advantage of this free offer.

Currently, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS is available to be streamed in English, Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin, Korean, Bengali, Nepali, Tamil, and Urdu.  In the coming days, German, Hindi, and Arabic will be added to the free streaming list as well.

While the positive impact that THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS is making on viewers in these times of stress and uncertainty is difficult to measure, glowing comments are filling social media, including statements like:

“My son made a decision to follow Christ in March last year. As he laid on my shoulder, and we watched the movie, I lost it at 1:46. I watched the ending twice. It’s awesome! Can I share the movie with anyone I want?” – Pastor Glenn

“We saw the movie today. My son was so impacted by the story he accepted Jesus as his savior. Thank you for bringing truth to my son in a way that he could understand. May God continue to bless your ministry” – S. Gonzalez

“The perfect cure for the quarantine doldrums” – M. Hurst

“Wonderful movie about choosing to follow God. Great for kids too. Watch for free and you won’t be disappointed.” – S. Deveaux

“We watched this during quarantine; it was good for the girls to watch. We could discuss all the things that often come against Christians on their journey here on earth.” – D. Arp 

“What a wonderful movie! What an inspiration to follow the narrow Path with Faith and courage. ‘Eye has not seen, no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love Him!!!’” – M. Fontana

“In our work around the world, we have seen time and again how this centuries-old story continues to impact lives,” shares Executive Producer Steve Cleary. “We are honored to be able to give families around the globe a fresh, new way to experience one of the world’s most beloved stories. As our world faces such an unprecedented, uncertain future, the story of Christian Pilgrim’s journey is needed now more than ever.  We pray THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS will allow families to find new ways to create dialogue about the struggles of living out our faith, including doubt, persecution, hardships, and hope.”

THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS will be available to stream free of charge in 9 languages through April 30, 2020. Families are encouraged to share this offer with others in their church, school, and social communities. The free streaming event is available exclusively at http://watchpilgrims.com.