Full length Self Titled CD Set for November 1, 2022, release

Independent artist Chris Hudgins is prepping for the release of his full-length, self-titled album, which is slated to drop on November 1, 2022. Fans can get a taste of the project with the unveiling of the debut single/music video, coincidentally titled, “Buddy Hollywood,” which released on October 1.

BuddyHollywood.com recently had the chance to interview Hudgins about his music.

BuddyHollywood.com – Tell me about yourself. How did you start, what are your musical style/influences, that sort of thing.

Chris Hudgins – I started young finding and making up melodies on our upright piano and singing with my parents in the car. Cut to Junior High, when I’d become highly emotional while listening to music. It was then that I began mulling over my relationship to it. I became interested in the mechanics of what the music was doing to me and how I could create the same effect for myself and others.

BuddyHollywood.com – What do you love about being a musician? What are the biggest challenges?

Hudgins – The ability to hear a song and reproduce it is pretty neat. Moving people emotionally and even physically is both mysterious and cool. Right now the thing I like the most is the feeling of connection to people around live performances (on, but mostly off stage). A show will get me out of my house and out of my head!

As you might guess, the biggest challenges with being a musician are the non-musical ones. Like in most entrepreneurial situations, staying on top of the business is a whole world in itself. I feel like it takes lots of administrative work just to keep things straight and functioning. Also, with Art, value considerations are different from the ability to fix an engine or a brain, and there can be a good stretch before your work sees fruitfulness. Finding and clinging to my “Why” keeps me going and emotionally stable through the discomfort.

BuddyHollywood.com – Is there a live performance disaster you’ve experienced and are comfortable sharing?

Hudgins – One time I got the opportunity to perform at the Dove Awards. I wanted to stick out on camera, so I dyed my hair blonde the night before. I definitely stuck out, cause it turned a BOLD ORANGE.

BuddyHollywood.com – Any cool stuff happening with your career right now?

Hudgins – My single “Buddy Hollywood” featuring Dubxilla just came out October 1st, and the rest of the album releases on November 1st.  This album is somewhat of a “re-debut” for me, and I’m comin’ out of the gate strong, musically speaking. I also produced all of this one.

BuddyHollywood.com – Do you have a website or social media platform where folks can find out more about you?

Hudgins – Sure do. Folks can find me at: