A Pyrrhic Victory, Volume 2 in The Ijin Trilogy, Explores the Fierce Battles of WW2 Pacific Theater From a Different Point of View

WordCrafts Press and Frank F. Fiore, a 5-star rated author of novels in multiple genres, are pleased to announce the release of A Pyrrhic Victory, the second volume in The Ijin Trilogy of World War 2 novels.

Exploring the confrontations between two of the greatest naval powers in the world, A Pyrrhic Victory reveals the cracks and flaws in the Japanese Empire as the American juggernaut relentlessly presses forward in the Pacific Theater during World War 2.

And caught in the middle of the conflict is Connor Williams, an American boy coming of age against the backdrop of World War II Japan. Tormented by his personal alienation and the horrors of war, Connor places himself in harm’s way and into the turmoil of a plot to overthrow the Emperor.

Whether out of fear, revenge, honor, or a quest for personal salvation, this American teenager, of his own free will, sat himself in the pilot’s seat of a Mitsubishi Zero, to join other young Kamikaze pilots hell-bent on attacking the powerful American fleet off the coast of Japan.

“Two of my favorite writing subjects are history and alienation,” author Frank F. Fiore says. “The Ijin Trilogy combines both. The antagonist, or protagonist depending on your point of view, is Connor Williams, a boy who is not only alienated from the world around him, but also alienated from himself. By a twist of fate, he finds himself in a totally alien environment. A Pyrrhic Victory follows the trials and challenges Connor and his adopted Japanese family must face during events of wartime Japan between 1942-1944. Will Connor be engulfed and consumed by these events, or rise above them? Will his adopted Japanese family survive the war? Only time will tell.”

Unveiling the story of World War 2 from the Japanese perspective, Fiore uses historical and fictional characters to detail the political, military, cultural, and social events affecting the lives of Connor’s adopted Japanese family and the political and military individuals they encounter.

“I am a huge history buff, especially when it comes to World War II,” Fiore declares. “I thought the war in the Pacific would make a compelling backdrop for a story of an alienated American youth searching for a code to live by, hoping it will help him find himself.”

Fans can look forward to Connor’s continuing adventures in A Quest for Justice, the third and final volume in The Ijin Trilogy, slated to release in the third quarter of 2024.

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