Iowa-Based Author Explores the Lives, Loves, Trials, and Tribulations of Small Town American Women in her Celebrated Women of the Heartland Series of World War 2 Novels.

WordCrafts Press and author Gail Kittleson are pleased to announce the re-release of her novel, With Each New Dawn. The second volume in Kittleson’s celebrated Women of the Heartland series of World War 2 novels continues the intertwining stories of Addie Bledsoe and Kate Isaacs, best friends from Iowa, which began in Volume 1, In Times Like These” and concludes in Volume 3, A Purpose True. Now, for the first time all three volumes share the same publishing home at WordCrafts Press, where the novels are available in hardback, trade paperback, and ebook formats.

“We’ve been privileged to publish nearly a dozen of Gail Kittleson’s books over the past five years,” said WordCrafts Press publisher, Mike Parker. “She is a consummate researcher and a brilliant wordsmith. We couldn’t be more please that the entire Women of the Heartland series is back in print and ready to be discovered by a new generation of reader.”

It is late Winter, 1943. The world is at war with no end in sight.

Addie Bledsoe and Kate Isaacs, best friends from Iowa, are embroiled in their own private battles. In England, Kate grieves the loss of her pilot husband even as she awaits the birth of their child. Addie makes the dangerous trek across the ocean to be with her friend in her hour of need, much to her abusive husband’s ire.

With Europe reeling under the heels of the Nazi Wehrmacht the two friends are once again called on separate journeys. Kate is recruited into Britain’s Secret Operations Executive (SOE), resulting in a clandestine mission behind enemy lines in occupied France, while Addie wages a battle of the heart in war-torn London.

Somehow, these heroic Women of the Heartland must find a way to overcome the adversities of the war without, and the war within.

“Sometimes, goodness seems distant,” Gail muses. “But in spite of this seeming distance, my characters experience the undeniable presence of divine goodness in the midst of horrible wartime atrocities. I’d like readers to experience this vicariously with them, and carry the concept over into their everyday lives. Pain and trouble come to us all, but embracing God’s love for us during these times provides meaning even in our great sorrows. Revisiting Kate and Addie’s world reminds me that stories have a life of their own. Their World War 2 experiences drew me right back in, and I’m thrilled to have With Each New Dawn back in print.”

With Each New Dawn is available from WordCrafts Press in hardback for $32.99, in trade paperback for $17.99 and in all major eBook versions for $5.99.

About the Author

Words have always been comfort food for novelist Gail Kittleson. After instructing expository writing and English as a Second Language, she began writing memoir. Now, intrigued by the World War II era, Gail creates women’s historical fiction from her northern Iowa home and also facilitates writing workshops/retreats.

She and her husband, a retired Army chaplain, enjoy their grandchildren and in winter, Arizona’s Mogollon Rim Country. You can count on Gail’s heroines to ask honest questions, act with integrity, grow in faith, and face hardships with spunk.

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