It’s the last part of July. The fireworks are shot, vacation trips are past, and school supplies are on sale. It’s hot and humid; what can you do for a family fun night?

How about watch a Christmas movie? Yep, that’s not a typo.

Releasing on July 23 from Genius Minds and Vision Builders Entertainment, THE CHRISTMAS DANCE has all the makings of a sweet holiday film. Directed by Michael Arcell, it stars Kristen Vanagos, Carson Nicely, Miles Faber, Briana White, Katherine Kelly Lang, and Richard Karn.


Traumatized by her past Christmas is not at the top of Sarah Appleton’s list this time of year. However, waltzing through life’s unexpected emergencies, she is taught the Christmas dance.

THE CHRISTMAS DANCE is a true Christmas film; there is no mention of Santa, a green guy with a heart that is too small, reindeer, or elves. The characters are members of a small church who celebrate the holiday with a traditional children’s Christmas program. The center of this Christmas message is the birth of Jesus and how we honor His birth by showing compassion and concern for those in our community.

The acting is solid. Kristen Vanagos owned the role of Sarah Appleton, who loved her family and community, yet wanted nothing to do with Christmas. Carson Nicely was great as Jason, Sarah’s awkward childhood friend who grew up into a confident and compassionate young man. Richard Karn and Katherine Kelly Lang brought the roles of Pastor Appleton and his wife Mary to life. Their love and care for their children, their church, and their community is heartwarming.

The script has a number of plot holes and several, “Oh come on,” moments, but nothing that is uncommon for typical holiday movies. Overall, THE CHRISTMAS DANCE is sweet and light-hearted, with several charming moments and a wonderful message, making it a perfect film for a family movie night…even in July.

With a run time of 1 hour, 34 minutes THE CHRISTMAS DANCE releases to theaters and on demand July 23rd.