Author Marian Rizzo Unveils Presence in the Pew, a Novel of Supernatural Suspense Bestselling novelist Marian Rizzo Pens Cautionary Tale of Spiritual Warfare

Author Marian Rizzo and WordCrafts Press are celebrating the release of Rizzo’s new supernatural thriller, Presence in the Pew. Set in near proximity to Salem, Massechusetts, the witchcraft capitol of the world, Rizzo’s latest novel examines the subtle nature of spiritual warfare… even on sacred ground.

The story follows Mitch Calloway, who has served as a youth minister at mega-church White Hills Bible Church for ten years, and is champing at the bit to pastor his own congregation. So when the opportunity comes to interview for the position of pastor of the historic Mercy Fellowship in Shadow Glenn, Massachusetts, he just knows it is God’s call. But before he moves his young family to the idyllic community of Shadow Glenn, he must meet with the church’s board of deacons, which is headed by the curmudgeonly Elijah Garby who pelts Mitch with one question after another.

“When did you turn your life over to Jesus?”
Mitch didn’t hesitate. “When I was fifteen.”
“When did you commit to serving in ministry?”
“The same night.”
“Fine,” Garby growled. “But what sort of formal education have you had?”
Mitch wasn’t about to let the old guy intimidate him. “I graduated from Anderson University. I majored in hermeneutics and minored in eschatology.”
“And since then?”
“I’ve served as youth minister at White Hills Bible Church for the past ten years.”
“How do you feel about demonic activity?” Garby growled. “Do you think it’s real, or fantasy?”
Mitch thought it a strange queston. He narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean?”
“I mean do you believe in another realm, even though you can’t see it?”
“I don’t know what you’re driving at, Mister Garby.”
“What I’m asking you is; are you prepared to do battle with the devil himself, if necessary?”

“As a Christ follower I believe we face spiritual warfare at various times throughout our lives,” Author Marian Rizzo notes, “maybe not on the same level as Mitch and Lydia experience it in Presence in the Pew, but in more subtle ways. Hopefully, this novel will not only entertain, but also will encourage readers to put on the whole armor of God as described in Ephesians Chapter 6, and be able to stand firm when the conflict comes.”

About the Author

A Pulitzer Prize nominee in the field of journalism, Marian Rizzo has won numerous awards, including the New York Times Chairman’s Award and first place in the 2014 Amy Foundation Writing Awards. She worked for the Ocala Star-Banner newspaper for 30 years. She also has written articles for Ocala Style Magazine and Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine.

Several of Marian’s novels have won awards at Florida Christian Writers conferences and Word Weavers retreats. In 2018, her manuscript for Muldovah, another suspense novel, was a finalist in the Genesis competition of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Marian earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible education from Luther Rice Seminary. She trained for jungle missions with New Tribes (now ETHNOS 360), and she served for two semesters at a Youth With A Mission training center in Southern Spain.

Marian lives in Ocala, Florida, with her daughter, Vicki, who has Down Syndrome. Her other daughter, Joanna, has blessed her with three wonderful grandchildren.