Novelist Jeff S. Bray Explores the Darkness in the Mind of a Serial Killer in New Paranormal Suspense Thriller, The Transference

WordCrafts Press and author Jeff S. Bray are pleased to announce the release of his tense new detective novel, The Transference. The paranormal suspense thriller follows in the footsteps of Bray’s bestselling debut novel, The Five Barred Gate, which climbed to the Number 36 spot on’s Contemporary Christian Fiction chart when it released in September of 2019, and serves as a bit of a departure from Bray’s 2020 gentle, sweet romance novel, Little Reminders of Who I Am.

“All of my novels have been based on dreams I’ve had,” Bray explains. “I had a dream over three years ago, about the time I was starting to write Little Reminders of Who I Am, and I wrote it down in my dream journal. With its dark nature I never considered it to be novel material. It frightened me. Then, after Little Reminders was published, I began to consider what my next novel would be. Thumbing through my dream journal I came across this entry, it didn’t have a title yet, but it screamed at me to write it.”

In The Transference, seasoned police detective James “Grady” Gradiosa transfers from Atlanta to the smaller, less stressful police department in Savannah, Georgia, only to be thrust into the strangest, most baffling case of his career.

“When Jeff pitched The Transference as his next novel, I admit to being surprised,” WordCrafts Press publisher, Mike Parker, noted. “Jeff is known for his delightful children’s picture books and for his novels that nestle comfortably in the Christian fiction niche. The Transference, while certainly maintaining a Biblical perspective on the eternal battle between good and evil, doesn’t shy away from casting a stark light on the reality of how that battle plays out in real life. Evil often appears to have the upper hand, and death and destruction are the inevitable end result. This novel is gritty, and real, and will certainly make you want to keep the lights on in the house while you’re reading it.”

There was a terrible verbal chanting.

Glatchka, Mondavka, Insinivicus.

The tattooed man laughed, and continued to puff on his cigarette. He blew a series of circles into the air and smiled.

Glatchka, Mondavka, Insinivicus.

He stood and walked over to the helpless victim, then folded his hands as if he were praying. He then raised them over his head and screamed.

Glatchka! Mondavka! Insinivicus!

The officers gave a final warning, and before the tattooed man could thrust his hands down into the man’s chest. The officers fired, two shots each, center mass, just as they had been trained, ending the life of the tattooed man.

Glatchka. Mondavka. Insinivicus. Words from a forgotten tribal language that Dr. Glavine discovered through his research. The good doctor had a crazy theory of what those words meant—theories that, according to most of the team, were pulled from horror movies and works of fiction. This was not what happens in small cities on the east coast.

“Why God chose for me to write a Crime Suspense Thriller, I do not know,” Bray muses. “It is far beyond anything I’ve ever written or would ever choose to write, but God has a purpose behind all things. I feel this is my best work yet. I enjoyed writing this book, and I hope and pray readers will enjoy it as well.”

To celebrate the new release, Jeff will be signing copies of The Transference at Sunshine House Coffee located at 1752 E Highway 97 in Jourdanton, Texas on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

“I plan on being there all day, and look forward to meeting and greeting old and new friends,” Bray said

About the Author

Jeff S. Bray lives in a small town in South Central Texas with his wife Carolyn and two of their five children. They are members of the local First Baptist Church, serving in several capacities, including teaching Sunday School, working with Men’s Ministry, and managing the church’s online presence.

Jeff’s passion for writing began in elementary school with a short story about a lost kitten. His circuitous literary career started with his personal blog, Moments for the Heart, which led to small paid assignments before expanding into magazine articles in national publications.

In addition to The Transference, Jeff is the author of the Christian romance, Little Reminders of Who I Am, the contemporary thriller, The Five Barred Gate, and the Elissa the Curious Snail series of whimsical children’s picture books which help parents introduce basic faith concepts like prayer, even in the face of adversity, into their teachings in a fun and entertaining way.

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