Author Jennifer Odom Celebrates Release of Girl With a Black Soul

WordCrafts Press and author Jennifer Odom are pleased to announce the release of her latest Young Adult supernatural thriller Girl With a Black Soul. The novel, which released to retail on June 19, 2021, immediately claimed the #1 spot on’s Hot New Releases chart in the Teen & Young Adult Christian Mysteries & Thrillers category. The third and final novel in Odom’s celebrated Black trilogy of supernatural thrillers provides a satisfying conclusion to her tale of spiritual warfare that started with Summer on the Black Suwannee and continued with Stranger with a Black Case.

In Girl With a Black Soul, teenager Chad Montgomery is targeted by a bully after his father’s death. He takes the wrong fork in the road—a trap set by the evil one meant to destroy the very talents that define him. When his beautiful new girlfriend offers him space in a run-down gas station, he grabs his bed-roll and leaves home—”to get his head on straight” and run away from his talents. But this sends him down a slippery slope where deprivation, encounters with murderers, and scrapes with the law take his situation from bad to worse. Will he recognize the source of his troubles in time, or with he choose to fight for who he really is? Will he confront the challenges head on—or allow himself to be destroyed?

Jennifer Odom, 2003 Teacher of the Year and 37-year veteran teacher of elementary education, knows a thing or two about bullies. “The enemy of every person’s soul wants to take you down—to obliterate your identity, and destroy your talent; to ruin you,” she says. “His javelin of choice could be a name-calling bully, or a so-called friend who gives bad advice. But rest assured, whether you are a teen, adult, or child, weapons will be deployed against you. Girl With a Black Soul depicts such a scenario. Set in the fictional small town of Gaskille, Florida, Chad encounters this enemy head-on. Should he run, hide, or confront him? It’s the same choice we each must make at some point in our lives.”

Coming soon is the first of her second trilogy, a heart-warming and romantic series beginning with Under The Mango Trees, set in Ft. Myers, Florida. Readers will laugh and cry as this neglected child grows up alongside her elderly neighbor-woman. The reader should expect many surprising turns and twists as romance springs from a most unexpected source.

About the Author

Jennifer Odom, 2003 Teacher of the Year, is a 37-year veteran teacher of elementary education at a Florida Blue Ribbon School, where she and her team led students to win many local, state and international video awards, as well as those in writing and technology. Jennifer, a multi-award-winning author, was named Writer of the Year at the 2015 Florida Christian Writers Conference. She writes human interest stories for the Ocala Star Banner, and has also been published in Splickety and Clubhouse Jr. Magazines, Ocala Gazette, and Maine Review’s Juxtaposition. Her third novel, Girl With a Black Soul wraps up the award-winning Black Series and follows Summer by the Black Suwannee, and Stranger with a Black Case.

Soon to come out will be her heartwarming Coral Series beginning with Under The Mango Trees set in Fort Myers, Florida.

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