Comedian Robert G. Lee Celebrates Release of Chart-topping Debut Book, What’s the Big Idea?

Comedian Robert G. Lee is celebrating the release of his debut book,What’s the Big Idea? A Comedian Explains God, The Universe and Other Minor Stuff, and with good reason. The title charted on multiple retail charts, including hitting Number 1 on the online behemoth’s Hot New Releases in Science & Religion. The paperback and kindle ebook versions of What’s the Big Idea? also climbed to Numbers 5 & 6 respectively on’s Hot New Releases in the Cosmology category, and the title claimed bestseller status by debuting at Number 18 in Religious Studies-Science & Religion and Number 21 in Cosmology.

What’s the Big Idea? is a smart aleck’s commentary on the intersection between faith and science told through the lens of my own personal journey of belief,” Lee says. “It uses both humor and heart to lay out overwhelming evidence for the existence of an Intelligent Designer.”

This book is aimed at our current short attention span society that is fluent in both cynicism and sarcasm. People who appreciate the irreverent style of The Onion and The Babylon Bee will enjoy the satirical approach the author uses when he dissects both science and religion. But Lee notes that readers of more serious works such as The Case for Christ will be drawn to the well-researched information explaining why Christianity is a faith founded on reason and intellect, while Christian parents of teens and millennials will appreciate a book they can share with their children that proves theirs is not a mindless faith.

“I believe the reader will be stunned by the awe-inspiring amount of precise fine tuning our world and universe demand, as well as be amazed at how much information they’ve totally forgotten since high school.” Lee says.

Well known in the entertainment industry as Hollywood’s top warm-up comic, Robert G. Lee is a veteran of over 1,500 episodes of such shows as The New Adventures of Old Christine, Just Shoot Me, Becker, and The Drew Carey Show. His job is to keep countless audiences entertained for hours between scenes and costume and set changes with rapid-fire ad-libs and humorous interviews.

No stranger in front of the camera either, Lee has been seen on the Bananas Comedy series, Showtime’s The Joke’s On Thee, VH1’s Stand Up Spotlight, Comic Strip Live and a variety of roles on such sitcoms as Wings and Perfect Strangers.

“I think we currently have a cynical society that has turned away from Christianity,” Lee muses. “The traditional methods of communicating the Good News are failing. But humor has a way of breaking down barriers. I think the only way to reach the next generation is to speak their language; namely sarcasm. This book looks at the intersection of faith and science, hopefully proving that you can believe in science and still be a Christian.”

About the Author

Not many comedians make the cover of The Wall Street Journal, have warmed up thousands of audiences for Hollywood’s top sitcoms, are a staple on SIRIUS radio’s Laugh USA, or have released eight comedy projects.

Robert G. Lee is a seasoned comic who comes armed with a refreshing, clean, relatable act. He’s been entertaining audiences behind the scenes on Hollywood sitcoms such as Golden Girls, Wings, Old Christine and One Day at a Time for over three decades!

Whether delivering laughs nationwide on his DryBar comedy special or writing punchlines for produce on Veggie Tales, Robert’s clever, slice-of-life observational material along with his impish and punchy storytelling style is always a guaranteed audience pleaser.

With his first book, What’s the Big Idea? A Comedian Explains God, the Universe and Other Minor Stuff, he’s taking his comedic sensibilities from the stage to the page.

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