Revelation: Hope in the Darkness
By Scotty Smith
(New Growth Press)

Pandemic; economic struggles; cultural and political unrest; strange events in nature. Our world is facing these events and more, causing panic and stress. Many wonder, “How will we survive?” while others wonder, “Are these the last days mentioned in the book of Revelation?” Scotty Smith addresses these questions and more in Revelation: Hope in the Darkness from New Growth Press.

A respected pastor in the Nashville, TN area, Scotty Smith, DMin, planted and pastored Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN, for twenty-six years. He worked on pastoral staff of West End Community Church as teacher in residence and also served as adjunct faculty for Covenant Seminary, Westminster (Philadelphia), RTS, Orlando, and Western Seminary in Portland, OR. He is the author of Unveiled Hope, Objects of His AffectionRestoring Broken Things, Everyday Prayers, Every Season Prayers, and Ephesians: The Love We Long For. Scotty and his wife of more than forty-five years, Darlene, live in Franklin, TN.

About Revelation: Hope in the Darkness

This fourteen-week study in the Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series provides in-depth lessons for one-on-one discipleship, small, or large Christian group settings. In this guide, author Scotty Smith give us a unique perspective on the end times that maps onto modern-day issues and problems. There is a battle raging against Jesus and his people, but be assured: Jesus wins. Though the world’s kingdoms entice and persecute us, the gospel still advances. The Lamb is on the throne, and he alone is worthy of our worship. We can anticipate with great joy the final victory of Jesus and the wedding of the Lamb. Our destiny is renewal and new life, rejoicing with our Savior Jesus Christ in the New Jerusalem.

At 128 pages, this book is divided into fourteen lessons to be used in a group setting, although it can be as small as a one-on-one study between two friends or a husband and wife. Each lesson contains an overall idea; Bible reading and questions to spark a conversation on the lesson; the main teaching; a discussion; exercises to be completed, and a wrap-up and prayer.

Revelation: Hope in the Darkness is a well-written and insightful Bible study. Smith doesn’t see the last book of the Bible as a dooms-day warning fit for an action movie, but rather a hopeful look at Jesus, our Savior and Returning King. Smith writes for the everyday reader, explaining the culture of when John wrote this book, helping readers to understand the imagery mentioned in John’s visions, and then turns the study inward, helping readers see how this book applies to their modern lives.

For those who have not understood the book of Revelation, those who have been hesitant to even read it, or those who enjoy delving into it, Revelation: Hope in the Darkness is a must have book for their collection.