It’s been thirteen years since the family group Three Strand performed. With their characteristic powerful and tight vocals and songs that send chills down your spine and tears to your eyes, siblings Scott Williamson, Aimee Joy Weimer, Kara Tualatai are back.

In honor of Memorial Day, last year they offered, “Row Upon Row,” a moving tribute honoring the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, released via YouTube on Memorial Day. It is available for purchase at CDBaby and at iTunes.

The group released this song, “of our own volition without any industry weight behind it,” says Williamson and they were surprised by the immediate response. “We just posted the video Sunday afternoon before Memorial Day and things are moving somewhat more quickly than any of us had anticipated.”

During their hiatus, the group’s members have all been integrally involved in the Nashville music scene, each appearing on countless recordings and/or tours ranging from Francesca Battistelli to Reba McEntire to Amy Grant.

As to further recording endeavors as a group, says member Scott Williamson, “One step at a time. In the years since we last recorded together, our families have grown and that is our priority. But, this song felt to us like a ‘song for the moment’ and we needed to get it into the public domain.”  For further info, contact