Whimsical Picture Book Helps The Wee Ones Feel More Comfortable about a Trip to the Doctor

America’s First Family of Fruit Visits the Doctor in Encouraging new Children’s Picture Book, The Fruitees Experience Tummy Trouble.

When baby Frack Fruitee didn’t come to the breakfast table, Mamma Trudy knew something was wrong. Daddy Rudy decided it was time for a visit to Dr. Appleaday, because Baby Frack was experiencing… Tummy Trouble!

The delightfully whimsical children’s picture book, The Fruitees Experience Tummy Trouble, written by Michael Hendrickson and illustrated by Carlita Becker, released nationally on May 26, 2023 from WordCrafts Press.

Meet the Fruitees family. What a pair Daddy Rudy and Momma Trudy are to their three sons. As different in personality as they are in appearance, Frick (an apple), Fred (an orange), and Baby Frack (a cherry) are mischievous, fun loving, and always ready for an adventure.

This tale focuses on the youngest son, Frack Fruitee, a cherry with a sweet tooth who doesn’t know when to stop eating candy. When too much of a good thing creates tummy trouble for the little guy, Daddy Rudy and Momma Trudy realize it’s time for a trip to the doctor.

“This Fruitee Family adventure shows how bad choices, such as Baby Frack’s sweet tooth, combined with listening to negative advise, such as Frack’s brothers saying that going to the doctor is bad, can lead to some serious Tummy Trouble,” explains author Michael Hendrickson. “Great lengths are examined by Dr. Appleaday to ease the littlest Fruitee’s fear about doctor visits. The things a mother will do when their child is sick is also a factor in this latest installment of the growing Fruitee Family series.”

“Children’s picture books is one tough genre to work in,” says WordCrafts Press publisher, Mike Parker. “But author Michael Hendrickson is a natural storyteller with a knack for creating engaging characters that children love and parents can relate to. And the whimsical illustrations by Carlita Becker and simply charming. I think kids and their parents will both be enchanted.”

About the Author

Author Michael Hendrickson makes his home in Middle Tennessee where he writes imaginative children’s stories, and pop-culture influenced, murder mystery comedy plays. His previous work includes the hilarious Christmas-themed picture book, Dingle the Flatulent Reindeer, The Adventures of Mighty Matt & Hedidit, The Fruitees Have Some Family Fun, and The Fruitees Encounter The Pickers.