Will Smith is back and once again makes that suit look good.

Even if Men in Black III isn’t nearly as memorable as the original, it’s on par with the second film and Will Smith delivers the same cocky humor as before.  It’s been a decade and fans are more than ready for this one and luckily they won’t walk away angry or disappointed.

In this installment, Agent J (Will Smith) has to travel back to the 1960’s to stop a psychotic, time jumping alien (Jemaine Clement) from assassinating Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).  While there, J also discovers a lot of history about the Men in Black and gains an understanding of why Agent K is the way he is; dry and void of emotion.

A lot of things work in this movie, the main one being Josh Brolin as the young Agent K.  Brolin completely personifies Tommy Lee Jones’ mannerisms and dialogue. It is at times uncanny. This brings a lot of humor while adding an element to the film that would have been lost had they simply altered Tommy Lee Jones with computer graphics.  This film also adds some nifty aliens who reflect the time period of the 60s – especially in their dress and mannerisms.

Like the earlier films, Men in Black III does a decent job of incorporating real life events into fictional scenarios.  Things like the Apollo 11 moon launch, and other recognizable figures are brought to life in a humorous story line.  Still this one relies heavily on the comedy of Will Smith and his character Agent J.  Again, it wasn’t as completely clever as the first one and seemed to lack a little of the originality. It tried to work in some serious moments with J and K and those these were written well, it did sort of create a buzz kill.

Men in Black III is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence and brief suggestive content.  The language is mild but prevalent; still nothing more severe than what you would hear in prime-time television.  The violence is on par with the first two films with a lot of laser guns, exploding aliens and green goo.  I give it 3.5 out of 5 sky jumps.  It was exciting to see the team back together and have some of our questions answered.   Though not a perfect film, definitely a solid kickoff to the summer.