Bible Teacher Beverly ND Clopton Unveils Personal Reflections and Tales in Her New Book, Until I Die

Author and Bible teacher Beverly ND Clopton is pleased to unveil her latest book, Until I Die, which released to retail on January 26, 2023, from WordCrafts Press.

Until I Die, I think, is a natural follow-up to my previous book, Rigors of the Call,” Clopton muses. “God’s call to us is both rigorous and forever. The reflections and tales in this “sequel” are my offering that hopefully will speak encouragement to the rigor of our being faithful followers.”

Clopton’s collection of 30 Reflections and Tales makes this book appropriate for a one-month morning devotion. Additionally, each section is short enough to serve as occasional spiritual pick-me-up for anytime reading.

“Back in the day, the songstress Etta James had a popular hit titled “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” a secular song with one line that captures succinctly why I wrote this book and every other book I’ve written.” Clopton says. “Something’s got a hold on me, yeah (oh, it must be love). I don’t imagine the kind of love she references is the same as what I mean, but I do know the feeling of something within that is so all-encompassing, that you can’t escape its pull. For me, it’s the desire to craft words; to follow the leading of God’s spirit as it moves in me to put them into sentences, sentences into paragraphs. Writing fulfills my need to connect to Him. It is my worship offering; in it I seek to encourage fellow believers in their faith journey, and draw those who don’t know Him to perhaps give Him a look.”

About the Author

Beverly ND Clopton, the eldest of nine children, grew up in Dallas and completed her undergraduate studies in the great state of Texas before embarking on a 40-year calling as a professional educator in the Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles public school systems.

Stepping into retirement offered Beverly the opportunity to return to her first loves—the written word and the Word of God. She has since published three books of devotions, including Heaven or Bust: Journey to Glory, Sonshine: Reflections of Faith, Surviving Pitfalls on the Path, Rigors of the Call, and her most recent book, Until I Die.