“When Calls the Heart: The Heart of Faith” is Filled with Hope and Encouragement

“When Calls the Heart: Heart of Faith” is Based on Janette Oke’s beloved series.

Since the first episode, the “When Calls the Heart”—based on the series by celebrate author Janette Oke—has been a favorite of my family. Releasing May 21, the newest When Calls the Heart: The Heart of Faith continues to deliver quality entertainment with excellence.

About When Calls the Heart: The Heart of Faith

Erin Krakow (Army Wives), Daniel Lissing (Eye Candy), Jack Wagner (Melrose Place) and Lori Loughlin (Full House, 90210) star in When Calls The Heart: The Heart Of Faith, a beautiful story originally released as The Heart Of Christmas. 

Christmas is coming to Hope Valley and everyone’s in a festive mood. Rosemary and Lee have returned from their honeymoon to reside in their new row house next to Elizabeth, who’s busy helping her students mount a nativity play. A traveling peddler, Sam, is mistaken for Santa by the kids… and then mistaken for a thief (temporarily) by Jack! But Elizabeth is stunned when word arrives that the supply train has derailed. Without costumes for the play, food for the feast and presents for the kids, Christmas will be ruined! It takes a lot of faith, spirit, and the cooperation of friends and family to show Hope Valley what Christmas is all about!

The show has so many wonderful points. There are characters that provide an opportunity to see how they respond in many trying and at times, devastating, circumstances. When faced with adversity, will they rely on their faith in God to get them through, or throw their hands up and quit? Some parts can be a bit “sugary” but it provides a respite from the anger and harshness in our current culture.

There are some powerful messages in this offering. Concern for others is a central theme but how it is played out is inspiring. Forgiveness of both large and small transgressions; respecting others and showing them love despite their flaws.

The citizens of Hope Valley have many conflicts and character flaws but show grace in most instances. I have especially loved seeing Abigail (Lori Laughlin) portrayed as a woman of faith, as both gentle and strong in her interactions with Mayor Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins). She is a woman of faith but not a doormat or weak because of it.

Fans of Ms Oke and this series will love When Calls the Heart: The Heart of Faith. It fills you with hope and encouragement at every viewing.