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Vibrant for Life

VIBRANT FOR LIFE,” a PBS nationwide special event launches in August 2015 nationwide will address the fact that while hormone changes are a part of the daily struggle for millions of women, most need additional information on how hormones function, and the newest methods to counteract the effects of their malfunction. Currently, the show is scheduled to air in more than 10% of US TV households. Numbers and markets will continue to climb.

This special event brings three of the leading experts in hormone health to the stage to share transformative methods and insights on how to keep hormones balanced through fitness, lifestyle and diet, while teaching viewers about how our hormones really work.

This August viewers will be engaged by: Harvard and MIT-trained Dr. Sara Gottfried, best-selling Author Mary Shomon and Muscle Activation Specialist Teresa Tapp.

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard-trained MD with 20-plus years of experience, and author of the New York Times bestselling books, The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet. She has developed her medical career to helping other women deal with hormone maladies which are often ignored.

Teresa Tapp is a Muscle Activation Specialist and author of “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes”. Her copyrighted “T-TAPP” work-outs are designed to activate muscles and support the lymphatic system without stress and in less time, helping people lose inches and weight while strengthening their muscles.

Mary Shomon is the NY Times best-selling author of “The Thyroid Diet” and “The Menopause Thyroid Solution.” She works to empower women through information about hormones so they can best identify and treat hormone imbalances.

The first national PBS, “Healthy Hormones,” program launched on public television three years ago and this new Vibrant for Life PBS Special event picks up where that program left off, presenting new information and offering T-Tapp workouts and a booklet written by the experts.