VeggieTales® Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas

VeggieTales ChristmasBig Idea’s VeggieTales is known for blending cultural icons and humor into uplifting stories that teach solid values. Their newest holiday offering, VeggieTales® Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas, continues the tradition, with Si Robertson of Duck Commander®.

About the story:

Silas [Si Robertson] is the loveable and wise okra janitor at the Spring Valley Mall. Mall owner, Mr. Cashberger (Archibald Asparagus) – known as King of the Mall – has decreed that his mall has to be the best for Christmas. Ms. Netterbaum (Madam Blueberry) hires Phillip Fleagle (Bob) and Reggie (Mr. Lunt) of Let It Glow Lighting to take the mall’s holiday lighting up another, because that’s what Christmas is all about, right? However, someone doesn’t agree. Lawrence (Larry) the mall’s Head Elf, is in charge of writing down the kiddies’ Christmas wishes; he, along with his elf-eared French pea assistants, think Christmas is something else.

Everyone is trying to brighten up Christmas in their own way, until Larry meets Christina. Larry is touched when the little girl tells him she doesn’t want anything for Christmas except to sell her homemade Christmas cards to raise money to help a neighbor in need. “Christmas shines most bright and true, when you share the love God gave to you,” she explains before leaving the mall with her mother.

Realizing that there is more to the holiday season than material gifts and light displays, Larry ‘borrows’ all of Phillip and Reggie’s extravagant decorations and rushes out of the mall, determined to help Christina’s neighbor. Will Larry find this selfless little girl? Will Phillip remember what the true light of Christmas really is? What will Mr. Cashberger think of the simple mall decorations?

VeggieTales® Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas, features the new Silly Song with Larry: “Wrapped Myself Up For Christmas!” as well as the theme song, “Light of Christmas,” from radio hit maker Owl City, featuring multi-Grammy award winning artist, TobyMac.

The DVD Extras include a Behind the Scenes with Si Robertson from Duck Commander®; this feature is worth the cost of the DVD alone. Other extras include “Light of Christmas” lyric video by Owl City featuring TobyMac, “Wrapped Myself Up for Christmas” singalong, “Christmas Shines” singalong5.1 Surround Sound, and English and Spanish Subtitles.

While there are many quality videos that appeal to young children or to adults, there are few that appeal to all ages. VeggieTales® Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas, filled with stellar animation and writing that makes you laugh one minute and wipe away tears the next, proves once again why Big Idea sets the standard in wholesome and delightful entertainment for the entire family.