Unwritten is another masterpiece from author Charles Martin

A masterful story.

Charles Martin tells another masterful story.

By Charles Martin
Center Street

She had everything fame and fortune could buy. He lived a simpler lifestyle, with few possessions. Both were running from painful circumstances and bad choices, until fate brought them together. In his newest book, Unwritten, New York Times bestselling author, Charles Martin addresses the painful questions of why bad things happen and how do we deal with them.

From the back cover:

Sunday leads a solitary life, spending most of his time reading and fishing on his boat, hidden among the Ten Thousand Islands off the Florida coast. It has been years since he has spoken with anyone outside his priest and confidant, Father Steady Capri. Because Steady saved his life, Sunday can’t refuse when he asks him to save the life of another.

 Katie Quinn, a world-famous actress, has been driven by a secret and the pressures of her present fame to end her life. Sunday provides an alternative escape, a way to write herself a new life by helping her to fake her death. But Katie still must confront her past before she can find peace and she’ll need Sunday to leave his secluded home and travel to the French countryside to help her.

From his first novel, The Dead Don’t Dance, through each of his subsequent seven novels, Martin has proven that he was a master storyteller. Writers of all levels would do well to study his works.

Unwritten holds true to this standard. Martin uses description, action and dialogue as an artist would paint and brushes. His settings, from the Florida coastline to a small town in the French countryside, are real enough for a travel brochure. He wraps his characters in flesh and bone, with strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, heartbreak and victories, to the point that you could recognize them if you saw them on the street or in the mirror. The story is riveting and fast-paced, and can easily be read in a day, which is a challenge for Martin’s fans who love to savor his books.

As with his other works, there are themes in this book that are mature in nature, but Martin handles them with finesse and taste.

If you’ve never read any of Charles Martin’s books, Unwritten is a great place to start. But make space on your book shelves and in your budget; once you start reading his books, you will want them all.

 Unwritten releases May 7.