Trouble with Rain Announces Cast May13


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Trouble with Rain Announces Cast

Rule 14 Pictures (a division of WordCrafts, LLC) and Wynnesome Entertainment are delighted to announce the cast for their debut feature film, The Trouble With Rain.

South African beauty, Inge Uys stars as 'Violet' in upcoming feature, 'The Trouble With Rain'

South African beauty, Inge Uys stars as ‘Violet’ in upcoming feature, ‘The Trouble With Rain’

Based on the original stage play by Nashville, Tennessee-based playwright/screenwriter Nathan Owen, The Trouble With Rain will star Erik Nelson (Wesley, But Now I See), Valerie Jane Parker (Blue Like Jazz), Adam Sanner (The Keeper, Night Terrors) and Inge Uys (Haima, The Laughing Mask).

Sir Issac Newton is famous in part for articulating his three laws of motion:
1. A body at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted on by an outside force.
2. A body in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force.
3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
That is the basis for The Trouble with Rain.

“You see, Newton’s three laws don’t just apply to physical objects, but to individuals,” says producer/director Mike Parker. “We are all affected by the people we meet, the words we exchange and the decisions we make. And the impact from our encounters with those people, conversations and decisions can alter our lives for years, decades, even a lifetime – for good or for ill. Bottom line: our actions have consequences. But what if a seemingly insignificant event in your past was changed – slightly? What would the ripple effect be on your future life? The Trouble with Rain explores different outcomes that might result from different actions in the lives of four strangers who meet in a train station, one stormy night.”

“This is an amazing cast and I am thrilled to have each of these fine actors involved in the film,” say Owen, who will also double as the film’s director of photography. “I can’t wait to get on set and watch as they bring my characters to life!”

Principal photography is set for August, 2014 in the Nashville, Tennessee area.