Todd Agnew on Bill Martinez Live Nov02


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Todd Agnew on Bill Martinez Live

Chart-topping, seven-time Dove Award-nominated singer, songwriter and worship leader Todd Agnew will discuss the message behind the music from his new album, From Grace to Glory: The Music of Todd Agnew, on the popular radio program, Bill Martinez Live!, on Friday, November 3, at 11:46 a.m. ET. Fans can listen live at billmartinezlive/listen-live.

“My new single, ‘Glory to Our Great Redeemer,’ talks about ransom, redemption, adoption and more,” says Agnew. “Our worship grows deeper as we understand more fully all God has done on our behalf. Having the opportunity to share that message with Bill Martinez’s audience in more than 280 markets is truly a blessing.”

A steady buzz has been surrounding Agnew’s new project since the release of the first single, “Glory to Our Great Redeemer.” Called a “spine tingling new hymn” by UK publication CrossRhythms, the single continues to gain traction at Christian Soft A/C and INSP radio formats, showing up as one of the Most Added songs on Billboard’s Christian Soft A/C chart, and landing in the Top Ten on both the Christian Music Weekly’s (CMW) Worship and INSP charts. Another song from the new project, “When Love Comes to Town” (Agnew’s U2 Cover from the benefit album, In the Name of Love: Artists United for Africa) landed in the Top Five on the CMW Country Chart.

Agnew’s studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (where he is nearing completion of his Masters degree) led him to pen “Glory to Our Great Redeemer.” The song reflects Agnew’s deepening spiritual, theological, and musical maturity through the process of getting married, embracing fatherhood, moving to Texas and delving deeper into the formal study of God’s Word at seminary.

“There are certain artists whose voice seems to cut through the clutter of our lives and stop us in our tracks,” says James Riley, VP of Promotions, Shamrock Media Group. “Todd Agnew is one of those artists for me and I’m honored to help bring this new single, “Glory to Our Great Redeemer,” to radio. From the opening moments of the song, you’re engaged. I couldn’t even respond to the email asking if I’d be interested in working it to radio for a while, as I was too busy hitting ‘repeat.’ It’s so great to have Todd back in front of radio!”

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