To Joey, With Love spotlights love of family. Dec14


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To Joey, With Love spotlights love of family.

Husband and wife country music duo Joey + Rory, were riding high on success following their win as 2010 Academy of Country Music New Vocal Duo winners. Life was good and their lives were a whirlwind of excitement and touring, but when they discovered in June 2013 that they were expecting a baby, it was time to re-evaluate life. The decision to take a year off was shocking, but the urge to simplify was one they both felt certain was the right one.

Rory’s decision to film that year was extended as their lives took even more unexpected twists as they learned that baby daughter, Indiana, has Down Syndrome to the discovery that Joey had cancer. This led to an even more intimate peek into the new journey they were on as the need to capture moments grew. The last two years of Joey’s life was recorded by Rory, both the ordinary and extraordinary moments, and has become a treasured memory for family, friends, and fans, but also a new hope for those who may be unaware of them and their story. The film is actually a celebration of life. Their lives did not have the fairytale ending expected by some but became a testimony of the power of their faith in God and love for one another.¬† Narrated by Rory Feek, it gives the film a more personal connection, and the cinematography and editing are amazing—definitely not your parent’s home movies. The DVD will be available on December 20, 2016. Learn more about the film, their lives, and read Rory’s blog at