Focus Feature

Jan and Antonina Żabiński, two Christian zookeepers who risked their lives to save and shelter over 300 Jews from the Nazis in Poland during World War II.  At a time when everyone lived in fear, Jan and Antonina refused to stand aside in the face of injustice – they resisted and stood against evil.  The State of Israel would later honor the Żabińskis as Righteous Among the Nations.

Nationally syndicated radio host and conservative columnist Hugh Hewitt (one of the moderators from the 2016 Presidential debates) recently screened the film.  Hugh was inspired by The Zookeeper’s Wife and called it: “A powerful and breathtaking movie!”

Hugh is so touched by Jan and Antonina’s story that he recorded a featurette about these Christian heroes.  The featurette serves as a reminder that true heroism is within us all—it is our bravery, character, and faith that strengthens us and pushes us to commit extraordinary deeds that inspire others.

The Zookeeper’s Wife opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, March 31.