The Student Body

An interesting documentary by high school student Bailey Webber, “The Student Body,” was conceived after learning the experience of fellow student, Maddy Karimi. The 2 young women, with the assistance of Bailey’s father, Michael (an award-winning filmmaker), use their passion to engage lawmakers and health professionals to tackle the controversial “Fat Letters” being sent to students after government mandated BMI testing. Winner of the 2016 Independent Spirit Award, the film is a successful experiment in letting students have a voice that will be listened to and that they can make a difference.

The issue that inspired Bailey was her desire to champion Maddy and other students affected by a government-sponsored bill regarding childhood obesity. A prime example of sounding good in principle, but intrusive and unrealistic in fact, Schoolchildren of all ages were being told they were fat, based solely on the approved test that was used by schools. After learning of Maddy’s demand to be heard by the school board about the negative effect on the children and to expose the hypocrisy of their own unwillingness to undergo the same treatment.

Even among the lawmakers, there were many viewpoints and opinions, and the filmmaker covered them all. Altogether a fascinating look at how something intended for good may actually create more problems. The Student Body is available now on DVD and on most major cable, satellite, and digital platforms in North America – including ComCast, Time Warner, DirectTV, Dish Network, Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sony Vudu and many more!