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The Returning of the Doves

Echo Bloom, the Brooklyn-based “orchestral folk” band, is gearing up to release their fiery new single “The Returning of the Doves”, off their latest concept album Blue (independently released in May 2013).

bloomblueWith a sound reminiscent of Nick Drake, Simon & Garfunkel and Portishead, singer-songwriter Kyle Evans re-imagines the classic biblical story of Noah’s Ark with a more realistic, modern twist.

“‘The Returning of the Doves’ is about the time after the flood before the waters have receded. I imagine Noah in the cold confines of the ark, thinking of everything he’s left behind,” says Evans of the song.  “It must have been cramped, loud, and miserable.  I imagine the wood swelling with the humidity and collected animals.”  The single was the last song Evans wrote for the album and the loudest of the nine tracks, culminating in an increasing frenzy of electric guitar, violin, theremin, percussion, and multiple drumkits as well as a chorus.

Beginning with just minimal acoustic guitar and soft vocals, “Returning of the Doves” progressively adds melodies and instruments reflecting the increasing doubt and hardening faith in the lyrics. By the end of the song, there is a feeling of chaos in the life of his re-imagined Noah. He sings:

Never will I anymore / everything I brought with me

Sweep your hair up from the floor/
parsley, sage, and rosemary

He waits for his children up above/
the returning of the doves

For the morning to start waking.

More about Echo Bloom and Blue album:
Echo Bloom was formed originally in 2009 (formerly Rosemont Family Reunion), headed by lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Kyle Evans.  Originally from Florida where he was brought up in the southern Bible Belt, Evans wrote the Blue album with lush orchestral textures and chamber instruments, creating what he coins as “folkestral” (orchestral folk) music.  The album is filled with Biblical allusions, and Evans implies a personal spirituality at its core.  “The album is about making your own myths – finding your own religion.  In many of the songs, people blur with flora and fauna, implying the interconnectedness of everything.  That’s my religion – one where everything is bound together.”

Blue is the first of a three-album series, including Red (country/shoegaze) and Green (classic pop) which are set to be released separately in 2014.  Echo Bloom is currently based in Brooklyn, New York and will be touring the US and Europe in the coming year.