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The Most Powerful Prayers of All Time

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter/author Maia Daguerre is pleased to announce the release of her newest book, The Most Powerful Prayers of All Time, which impacted retail on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, from WordCrafts Press.

“Crossing not only geography – from West to East – and time – from centuries before Christ to the present – The Most Powerful Prayers of All Time mixes on the same altar, Yogananda with Shakespeare, Nietzsche with Ancient Egypt, bedtime songs with songs for rain, timeless recipes for forgiveness with prayers from different native peoples of the Earth,” says author Maia Daguerre. “This collection provides a contemporary look at the act of praying, and brings together examples from a multitude of spiritual traditions, and from authors who may not have been religious, but who dialogued with the divine.”

The Most Powerful Prayers of All Time, includes more than 275 prayers, compiled into 20 sections, which invoke the divine presence in its many different names and forms, and ultimately serves as a call for peace.

“These prayers brings us back to our source, comfort us in times of tribulation, and remind us that there is something far greater than who we are,” Daguerre says. “They serve as a beautiful reminder of the rich gift we have all been given – the profound relationship we can develop with the creative intelligence who is with us always, even unto the end of the age.”

Maia Daguerre is an internationally acclaimed writer, singer and songwriter. She was born in Brazil but considers herself to be a citizen of the world.

Daguerre has released four albums in Brazil, Europe and US, including two with her rock band, Telepathique. Her first novel was published in Portugal, in 2006, by Editora Fenda. Until 2013, all her works were done under her birth name: Mylene Pires, or Myle Areal.

In 2014, she rented her house to travel around the world. Her first stop was California, where she and her husband, Walter Daguerre, were supposed to stay only for 3 months. They have never left – yet.