THE IDENTICAL Trailer is Here

IdentialBe the first to see the trailer of one of the most pivotal rock n’ roll 50’s tales ever told. THE IDENTICAL, Starring “Good Fellas” alum, Ray Liotta as Pastor Reece Wade, the “Divergent’ s” Ashley Judd and newcomer Blake Rayne!

Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Ashley Judd (Dolphin Tale 2), and newcomer Blake Rayne lead the star-studded cast of THE IDENTICAL, a film that magnifies the wisdom of God and the perfection of His plan through the story of twin brothers separated at birth. While one grows to become an international rock star, the other is restricted by the dominating will of his father, a preacher who feels his son’s calling is in the ministry. The tale unfolds to reveal that God’s glory is not limited to a church: it is our use of the talents He gives us that act to further His kingdom. The story is bookended and filled with matters of trust, love, and forgiveness.

In theaters September 5, THE IDENTICAL powerfully explores two questions that constantly tug at our souls: “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?”